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Fitscope Fitness Products Complaints & Reviews

Fitscope Fitness Products - British Columbia, MapleRidge / Great Service!


Hey Chris If you want to know where all these bad complaints come from it's that nasty barber in your complex there where your store is. Is that guy for real? He complains about everyone even his landlord! He even complains about how I parked and the people that live upstairs. I was waiting for my wife getting her hair cut and the things he was saying about you were not in your favor to say the least. The way he talks its a wonder how anyone survives with their business there. I want to thank you for the years I have been buying products from your store. You have been helpful putting...

Fitscope Fitness Products - British Columbia, Maple Ridge / didnt pay us for our fitness equipment


On August 21st, 2008, a man who called himself Chris phoned us regarding our ad that we had placed online. He informed us he would be able to sell our fitnesss equipment set on consignment. He verbally informed us that we would recieve $600.00 within a week, as our equipment was brand new. On the paperwork we noticed the woman working with him had set a price of $400.00 and not $600.00 as was agreed upon earlier. It is now Nov 15th, 2008 we still have not been paid. A week ago he informed me that he would be delivering a money order. He has since stood us up several times and we are unable to...

Fitscope Fitness Products - British Columbia, MapleRidge / Complaint disagreement


That guy named Gym rat was a little harsh in his complaint, I would say. I have been buying fitness equipment from Chris for 28 years. My kids buy equipment from fitscope too now. Chris delivers equipment, and sets it up free of charge, he takes the time and shows you how to use the equipment if need be. You won't find a more caring and better guy in the fitness industry.

Fitscope Fitness Products - British Columbia, Maple Ridge / Scammed out of 1500 dollars


Went into store on a thursday to buy powertec sqaut rack with lat attachment bench and 250 lbs weights including 7 foot olympic bar paid 1500... Said he would deliver products to my home on Saturday which is two days later.. Didn't call or show up..and store was closed on Saturday and MOnday.. He opens up whenever he feels like it.. Went on Tuesday and was open. Asked what happen to him not delivering. He said his family member was ill. Then he said he would come on Thursday the same week at 6 ... "As I was leaving with my son, another woman pulled up in a Blue Toyota MAtrix. As I jumped...