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Fiona House Pammenter BSH Cats Complaints & Reviews

Fiona House Pammenter BSH Cats / She breeds cats infected with coronavirus and calicivirus

Dec 05, 2016

After Fiona told me she was terminally ill with cancer, i bought a kitten from her even though her house was filthy. I felt I was helping. Straight away the vet said how poor condition my boy cat was. Hehad thivk ear discharge and ear mites. Took months to treat. I contacted Fiona and still have the emails if you want them where she dismissed anything I said and didn't then reply. I had an email claiming she died!! My cat tested positive for calicivirus and coronavirus

Fiona House Pammenter BSH Cats / Kittens

Dec 11, 2015

Our family is writing because I gave a work colleague this lovely ladies link to find a kitten and were told what they found. Myself and my husband have now sat in silence and read these outrageous untruth threads and feel compelled to comment on this. The person who has written them has never met this lovely kind lady or her family of children and cats its clear to see. Though an illness she has sadly had to decrease them. I know this because we have two from her one 5yrs old the other 2 half. My mother in law also had expressed a wish for a white one with green eyes, this was over a year...

Fiona House Pammenter BSH Cats / Cat Breeding

Nov 21, 2015

On my 70th birthday my family got together and bought me a lovely little British Shorthair kitten which I named Tilly. The kitten was purchased from Fiona House. I first saw the kitten at 4 weeks old and immediately fell in love with her. This was despite having misgivings about the generally untidy state of the house and the fact that the litter of kittens were poked away under the stairs. I was asked for a £200 cash deposit to secure Tilly which I was informed was non-refundable. I went twice more to see the kitten before collecting her on 26th July and paying Fiona House a further £350 cash...

Fiona House Pammenter BSH Cats - England, Dorset, Christchurch /

Nov 06, 2013

This breeder is producing kittens with the corona virus leading quickly to FIP - The FIP Virus details can be found on many website online. Any kitten with FIP will die painfully and slowly if not put to sleep. Not only does this breeder produce sick kittens, her home is untidy and unclean. The kittens/cats live in small cages and water is very unhygienic, by this i mean bits of soiled litter in water bowls. I would also like to add that on placing deposits for her kittens, on finding out how sick her cats are she will refuse to give you your money back, . She is also known for selling sick...