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Upon arrival to Wunderfolds “cattery”, my husband and I noticed our cat smelled really bad (like cat poop that someone sprayed patchouli scented Poopouri over) and her left eye was red and irritated. Ginger, the breeder, said there’s nothing wrong with her and she was just “tired because she woke her (the kitten) up from a nap”. Upon bringing her to the...

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10:14 am EDT
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I spoke with 'Ginger' who breeds at Wunderfolds Cattery more than one year ago and send her a deposit of $250, she said if after one year I did not find the kitted I wanted I would get a refund. I along with several people got monthly emails showing available kittens and the the request to reserve a kitten when I saw the one I wanted. I never saw the...

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4:00 pm EDT
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Wunderfolds Cattery Part-time scottish fold cat breeder

I purchased 2 kittens on 3/17/2020 after a year waitlist. 1 was returned for what I assume was behavioral issues and resold to another client without proper exam, the other died yesterday of Coronavirus (highly infectious disease spread by feces in cattery). The Board Certified Dr and 30plus year vet confirmed it was the highest levels of Coronavirus they've ever seen. I have been called crazy, my personal information, photos, emails, and phone has been spread to other clients, this forum, and now someone is stating here that there needs to be a website set up against me for personally causing my cat to have an infectious disease! The Breeder is a part time breeder who bullies clients if they report her, or if kittens die. I had to block her on email/phone just so i could care for and medicate my blind, fever ridden, gastro issue kitten and ultimately watch him die. Ive spoken to other clients of hers that have had dead kittens and she's replaced them with other sick kittens! She even went to the police and said I was the one harassing her when I asked for a full refund for cats, vet and hospital bills, and transport costs. I got a call from a police officer asking me to cease contact just before the cat died. I think there's a pattern here. I would settle for $4000 and have all my personal information removed, as well as all other parties involved notified that the FTC and my attorney will be contacting them if any such website or further sharing of my personal information, defamation, slander, and bullying don't cease.

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, US
Jul 14, 2020 8:54 am EDT
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I don't have the time to go through this with Darlene again as she already made a complaint underneath a FAKE retaliation review left by a back yard breeder whose clients she did wrong came to me for help. Apparently Darlene did not like being called out on multiple inaccuracies and lies, so she decided to make ANOTHER complaint. We offered to take her kitten back to treat it and refund her once we new what was wrong, but she demanded 5k OR ELSE! Multiple threats of all the ways she will destroy me. We'd already refunded her $1200 for a kitten she returned that she "didn't like his behavior." New owners paid what she was refunded and said he is amazing. They also had to tell her to stop harrasing them and had to ignore her messages. This is all I will say on the matter as we've been back and forth, but I have the proof of what was said and have posted it on the other thread whereas she will not post anything to back her side up. Anybody is more than welcome to contact my clients via my social media or reviews if you have doubts.
Please go here for all the proof of what was said and done via email screenshots. Also, be aware this is not a site that verifies any complaint and has a 1 star review for allowing this to happen. They work alongside complaint board removals to charge customers 5k to have bs reviews removed.

Link for original complaint posted underneath Gretta from Life's a Beach fake review:

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