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Fingers Furniture Complaints & Reviews

Fingers Furniture / 12 months no interest SCAM


I purchased a living room furniture set for about $2,000. I chose to pay off the balance off and made fixed payments. I was due to make the final payment on the 13th month (not realizing that i had to pay off the full amount of the loan before the promotional date is up) when i received my bill they charged me interest on the full amount of the loan. I only had $150 left of the remaining loan amount. NO ONE AT THE STORE explained to me that i had to pay this total loan amount for the interest to not be charged... if i knew i would have paid the $150 before the promotional period was up. It i...

Fingers Furniture - Texas / Horrible customer service

It took fingers eight months to deliver my furniture. In the mean time they would'nt allow me to reselect. Their customer service department is very unprofessional and uncaring. I ordered furniture in Feb. of 2007, its Dec. and Im still waiting for repairs on items delivered broken. I have spoken with corporate and customers service managers all to know avail. BUT I KNOW HOW TO FIRE EVERYONE FROM THE CEO TO THE INDIVIDUAL CLEANING THE FLOORS AND THAT IS WHAT I HAVE DONE. BY TAKING MY BUSINESS SOMEWHERE ELSE. You customer services department has caused you to lose a very long standing client. They simply false on a regular basis to listen to the customer.

Fingers Furniture / Financing agreement!

My daughter purchased a nice bedroom suite from Fingers with no finance charge for 2 years. She always paid her payment on time, even added more than the minimum payment. She received her bill this month, knowing she was down to about a $300 balance. They suddenly added $2200 to her bill making the balance due of $2500. She has been a Fingers customer for years and always had a 12% interest. Turns out she had a deadline to pay off this furniture, the deadline has just passed so they added all the interest she supposedly had free, and in addition increased the rate to 22%. So she is now...

Fingers Furniture / Deferred interest contract!

I purchased a sofa and chair in December 2005 under a 3 yr interest free period. I paid off the furniture in June 2007, a year and half later. On the following statement, they charged the total amount of deferred interest. I called their customer help line in July 2007 to find out what the charge was, and the recording said nothing was due. In August 2007, I was charged a late fee in addition to the deferred interest and more finance charges. I finally went to Fingere Furniture store t0 get some explanation, and they said GE Capital will cancel the contract if you are late more than 2...

Fingers Furniture / Worst furniture buying experience!

About a month ago my wife and I went to fingers with my mother. We were looking for a bedroom set for our new home. We picked the one we purchased because it was the only set that was "completely in stock" according to our sales person (And our receipt) .1.5 weeks later the furniture came... with everything EXCEPT the dresser. We are told it was on back order, we said no, according to our receipt it was in stock, thats why we chose it. Customer service apologized up and down told us more would come in within 5 days. I called a the day they came in to set up delivery and was told the first...

Fingers Furniture / Never help feed this monster!

This all started 3 months ago when me and my wife went to Finger Furniture to purchase a new bedroom set. Once we found a set we liked the salesman informed us that only two pieces were in stock and the other 3 would be available for delivery in about one month. We decided to go through with the purchase and wait for the other pieces. One month came and went with no calls from the store or our salesman. When we called to check on our furniture we were forced to leave message after message. Finally our salesman called us back to tell us that the furniture did not arrive and pushed the delivery...