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Fasttrain Complaints & Reviews

Fasttrain - Florida, All over / holding my Transcript for ransom

Feb 18, 2012

1. The complaint should be written and legible; 2. It should include as much detail as possible; 3. It should include appropriate supporting documentation, if available; and 4. It should include the complainant’s name and contact information. Anonymous complaints may be investigated, at the Council staff’s discretion, if the allegations are serious in nature [email protected] To Whom It may concern, I am writing to you to file a grievance against Fast train. My entire Fast train experience has been a bad one. The biggest problem that I have had is their parting shot. They are...

Fasttrain - Florida, Pembroke Pines / FASTTRAIN SUCKS ITS A RIPP OFF


Fasttrain Ripped me off. I am looking for people with similar experiences for a class action lawsuite. My name is Gilbert Conrado. I started Fasttrain on November of 2006 taking the ( Management Information Systems) course applying for a student loan of around $ 14, 133.29 which I already paid a total of $18, 000.00 Dollars. Even tough I have been working as a systems administrator since 2004, I think that the courses at Fasttrain were too intensive at that time specially when a person is a fulltime employee, By taking 2 classes at a time and right after finishing one class starting another I...

Fasttrain / Great School


Dont believe everything you read on the internet. I went to FastTrain at the Kendall Campus and my experience could not have been better. I was working a full time daytime job and studied at night. My instructors were great the equipment was up to date. The best experience is the career person at the Campus. He sent me to two interviews and I got my first job at a major Fortune 500 company. My salary went from less than $20, 000 a year to almost triple that. I was hire with four certifications but still working on additional certification. My new employer will even pay for me to go back to...

Fasttrain - Florida / BIG trap


When I start in this school, noting make sense to my expectation…, old computers… the computer was from 90’s…old, this was what we used to learning in the classes…, In the class some days we have search to do by internet.… no connection to internet…and many excuses… they mission statement… Fast train - MISSION STATEMENT ( Fast Train is dedicated to providing quality education and career opportunities to those individuals seeking advancement. Our objectives are: • To provide career educational opportunities based...

Fasttrain - Florida, Fort Lauderdale / School loan with Salliemae


I did not attend Fast train for 6 months, yet sallie mae is sueing me for over $10, 000 i did talk to fasttrain, i try talking to Sallie mae i have a letter that i send to fasttrain and i diploma from Fl career College. I now have a letter from an Atty what i do?