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Family Readers Club Complaints & Reviews

Family Readers Club - Michigan / SCAM!!!

Jun 14, 2011

I received a letter in the mail on June 12th saying that because i ordered teeth whitening(which i didn't!!) they were sending me free magazines and would start charging me May 24th if i didn't respond!! I never even gave anyone my credit card number and didn't even know what the hell this company was!! I don't even read magazines!!! I had to cancel my credit card (which they had already charged $24.95!!!) who knows how they got it!!!

Family Readers Club - Ohio, Sandusky / too many magazines


i have told family readers club to cancel my subscription and they will not do it.they keep calling me on the work phone when they should be calling me at home.they say i am a good customer but i am not interested in getting any more magazines from them.i wish there was a way to stop them from calling me and sending me a lot of magazines through the mail

Family Readers Club - Ohio, Sandusky / Scam/ BIG TIME


OK, here we go! July 2009 a magazine service by the name of United Readers Service had contacted me, and I ordered 5 magazines. 21 magazines later, I attemped to cancel-they refused. I contacted the United States Federal Trade Commission, State of Ohio General Attorney, and the BBB of Greater Ohio. Well United Readers Service did cancel my subscription services, but you know that stupid little verbal agreement tape that they record... they passed it along to Family Readers Club and Family Readers Club doctored the tape to make it seem that I had verbally agreed to magazine services through...

Family Readers Club / Rip Off


I called Family Readers Club to cancel an account that I did not want in the first place. After a aweek of calling them a man named ryan finally called me back. He was rude and obnoxious and would not let me speak at all. I told him i wanted to cancel my account. He said I would recieve a letter in the mail to sign and return. After a aweek of not recieving it I called back, only to get an answering machine. He called me back 5 days later and told me it was too late to cancel my account and I owe them $1200. I told them repeatedly I did not want the account. They will not let me cancel it. I...

Family Readers Club - New York, Norfolk / Fradulent Transactions


I spoke with a representative of the company on August 28, 2009 about making a payment of 39.95 on August 31st. When I checked my online banking account, I saw I had been charged for an additional 39.95 and another payment of 139.00. I have talked with people from this company since the beginning of the month. The main person I have spoken with is a man named H.W. and today I spoke with a woman named Kim. She told me I had spoken to three people on three seperate occasions giving authorization for all three transactions, which is a bold face lie. I only spoke with two people and only one wa...

Family Readers Club - New York, Norfolk / Fraudelant Charges


This magazine company called my 12 yr old sons pre-paid cell phone and offered him "pornographic"magazines for only $"49.95" for a 5 year subscription. He was then asked for the last 4 digits of a debit or credit card number. The company then went into my checking account and took the $49.95 without my consent, and my child certainly did not have permission to authorize this transaction!

Family Readers Club - New York, Norfolk / Fraud/Unauthorized Charges/Harassing Phone Calls


I am a college student, and being a college student I have no money, all the money I have goes toward paying the costs of college. I also don't make any money for I am a full time student about to graduate and enter Law School. The problems with Family Readers Club or FRC, began in May 2009. On May 14, 2009 I recieved a telephone call from an FRC Representative saying they recieved my information from my credit card company and wanted to congradulate me on how I was always on time and never missed a payment. The FRC representative wanted to reward me by offering a free magazine...

Family Readers Club - North Carolina, Charlotte / Rude and Liars!


I recieved a call about two months ago. The gentelman was extremely nice, and told me if I suscribed to family readers club then I could recieve a booklet of coupons for various restraunts in the Charlotte area. I was actually at school and did not have alot of time, but I accepted the offer. I was told that I could cancel at anytime, so that is when I agreed. When I got the varification call I asked again, can I cancel at any time, and the women at this time said yes. She told me to just answer yes to the following questions, I didnt really listen to then just said yes and went about my...

Family Readers Club - Alabama, Muscle Shoals / They are scare of giving out names


I tried for a day and a half to fax to Harold at Family Readers Club at Harold'd direction. All I got was no answer or busy. I checked with the receptionist twice to make sure I had the right number. Finally, a female other than the receptionist told me to mail Harold. I asked for Harold's last name to prepare a proper envelop and letter and was told that they did not give out last names for protect purposes. Why do they need protect unless they are doing something wrong? They are on the Canada/New York border which brings servral things to mind. But I am not inferring anything bad...

Family Readers Club - Alabama, Muscle Shoals / Fraudulent Collection Practices


Called today, May 1, 2009, by Ryan, and was yelled at because my credit card company refused to pay the bill because the credit card company thought that the collector worked for a fradulent company. Was told that may name had been taken off the do not call list and that I was going to be taken to court. I tried to remain calm but Ryan was so obnoxious I finally hung up on him. I do not take threats well. expecially when there had been a previous caller whom I told to catch up the account and resume taking the monthly payments. The credit card number had been changed because of identity theft...

Family Readers Club - New York, Norfolk / Fraud and cheating


Well the other day I received a call, I was told that I had won a $250 online shopping spree. This should have been my first sign that this was a scam, I hadn't signed up for anything. But I continued to talk to them. They started to talk about the shopping spree for awhile, giving essentially the same information over and over. Eventually they got to a point where they said something about me having the opportunity to participate in a special magazine offer. At that point I was already worn out with all the talk of a some free money, and the wear and tear of the day. So I went along. They...

Family Readers Club - New York, Norfolk / Fradulent Tactics bad business practices


I was offered a FREE X-Box with the subscription to Family Readers Club. I was told this account could be cancelled at any time. I have NEVER received the free game system promised or any magazines, but my bank account has been debited everymonth, regardless to funds availability. I have contacted Family Readers Club by phone numberous times to cancel the subscription, and initally was told that this had been done. Another charge went thru my account and I called back only to be told it was "too late" to cancel and that I would have to pay a minimum of $100+ dollars to stop service or pay the...

Family Readers Club - Washington, Vancouver / Taking money out of bank acct. when not autherized


Took money out in September I called Told them To put it back they did. But not the $26.00 over draft fee. I also told them don"t take any more to cancel. A month goes by I think everything is ok. Then again they take $49.95 out of my bank acct. This time they tell me i have been paying every month since July we are now in November. I have never sent them any money, nothing show on my bank acct. Only the $49.95 the took In September And put back and then again in November