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Dec 24, 2018

They are finally caught: Please contact the Miami's US Attorney's office below to formally file your criminal complaint and get restitution on the money that was stolen from you. Please contact prosecutors below to file your claims: Miami U.S. Attorney's Office 99 N.E. 4th Street Miami, Fl. 33132 Telephone: 305-961-9001 - New York, Bronx / scammers


Mr. Mark... Maybe you have money and you can talk like that in my country thailand. Is very poor send one of my son to the usa... Send one of my son legally to the usa... Cost me all I have in my life maybe you don't have my country we kill the {scammers} kill the scammers and we throw to the sharks... Probably is the last thing I will do in my life but I will find you mr mark I will fly to new york, on the 08132010 This is the way in my contry do we do right you have my son money $4000, 00 usa you will paid my back You mr mark stealing money from other family and my family I going to stop you... is not cannot be ez... / money


Lets go people! If you were robbed from they fill out this form on new york bbb lets go1 get your name on the list so when they are arrested you might get something back when they go to jail. We know bubba will enjoy it / they still my money


I deposit 400$ to ezsalvage to buy a car thing dont work out I ask for refund they cancle my account and I never hear anything form them I try to call over 1000 times no one ever pick up so im sure this is a scam this is my email feel free to ask any question [email protected] - New York / return of refund


I want my $1400 dollar deposit back you crooks. I have been a customer for over a year and actually purchased a vehicle from them last year and love the vehicle. But I bid on another one about 3 months ago and I have sent emails and tried to call and I finally got somebody to answer and she told me they were haveing banking problems. What a crock of crap. I want my money! / theft and fraud


These guys are out of business. Do not deposit, do not transfer any money. You will never see it back. They are in debit for around $1m and they are trying to cheat an investor into there business. How can we get togather and hire a law firm to represent all of us... They took a deposit for over 40k from me and I am gonna go for it. If you are intrested to join, let me know at [email protected] - New York, New York / fraud, theft


I bid on a car and got the bid and they sent me an invioce. I wired them the money and called to see if everything was ok on two different occations and both people said yes. So I waited to hear from them on shippment and finally I called again and they said they would start shippment. Then I saw that same car re-listed, they wouldn't respond to my e-mails nor answer the phone and now I can't even sign on to my account. So no car, no refund, no nothing. I paid for the deposit with my visa so I called to warn visa about the kind of people they do business with and visa said they would restore... - New York, broxn / fraud

Lu New York police Should put this people in jail. You should call your police station to see what is required. Collect as much information as possible about, Ex-former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik said that this company knowingly commity some type of fraud or crime then they are caught, they can be put in jail. When you have a company that opens and all of a sudden they are commit fraud are stealing, then they can send {YOU} to jail. What these people have done is larceny, they should be prosecuted. ... Why... - New York, Bronx / alert our customers


What a nightmare! I bought (01122010) the 2006 jeep liberty re, surely after I paid the problem begin. I send so many email tray to get my jeep ho my god. I get the jeep after over 3 month (04222010) unfortunately it is a pain to deal with the people I paid :$4809.00 transportation: $980 (the transportation guys tell me the I was overcharged {$520}){$520} Year: 2006 Make: jeep Model detail: liberty re Color: blue Body style: 4dr spor Mileage:14217 - actual Vin #: 1j4gl38* Now (05192010) they email me tell me they lose the title, what (#@#ahek#@#) happened with these... - New York, Bronx / where is my title?...


Bid, for a ford f350, in january 2010, the f350 was shipped to me march 2010, but surely by sending so many emails, complaints, complaints and complaints. They lie about all the time, when I looked at the f350 it wasn't at all how the pictures showed it. I called so many times and every call was no help. Also I have been googleing and I see same storys and also people complaints for this company. Now I have the f350,... Just send me my title...05202010... Where is my title?... Where is my title?... Where is my title?... Clean title??? They are so many oddities and contradictions in thi... / car


So I actually got the winning bid, for a 1991 mercedes 300e, in january 2010, the car was shipped to me feburaury 2010 a week after the two snow storms, in the ne. It to forever to get the keys and title to the car. When I looked at the car it wasn't at all how the pictures showed it. There are many dents in the car, the are exterior trim pieces missing, there is a larger piece of the front bumper missing, the third break light is broken and its not being held on by anything (it just sitting there). These problems are a problem as this wasn't advertised in the car, nor did the pictures show... - New York, Bronx / scam


I joined the "ezsalvage" dept of elite motors of nyc, I made a bid on an auction car I was led to believe that I had won this said auction, a few hours later I begin to receive phone calls from that company (elite motors), the sales person confirmed that I had indeed won the auction and I needed to send them a 10% deposit so they can continue to process the deal. A few hours later I start calling the numbers that called me and I had no answer from anyone. When I finally find a # that I didnt already call I was lucky enough to speak with someone, and that someone said that I didnt win the... - New York, Bronx / cheats


I bid on 2 vehicles in Nov 2009 and won also. I paid $ 800 as down paymment. 2 days later they said bid was not accepted. After that its a whole bunch of lies for refund. After much pressure they sent 2 checks of $ 400.00. Both returned from bank UNPAID. No one answers calls. They take pictures of vehicles from and cheat innocent people. They should be arrested for fraud.