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Dec 07, 2011

It would seem this company preys on the vulnerable and desperate. If your looking for a loan – please don’t touch with a bargepole My details got passed to these jokers To date I’ve lost £135.15 for nothing but filling in a form £67.70 20/4/11 £67.45 21/6/11 They say I learn the hard way! / I would like them dealt with to the full extent of their criminal activity

May 19, 2011

Ezeloans make out that they are in fact a LOAN company, not a loan BROKER. The application to join manifests as a loan application, I filled this out with no mention of their company name anywhere until I had confirmed. Then started emailing me saying that they were going to take a £74.95 membership from me. This was 1 hour after "joining". I immediately emailed them to cancel and exercise my 14 day cooling off period which everyone is legally entitled to. They emailed back with a load of jargon (not addressing my complaint at all), this went on for days and days with the...