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Extreme Fitness Complaints & Reviews

Extreme Fitness - Ontario, Toronto / SCAM

Kris123123 on Feb 23, 2012

I tried to cancel my membership. The staff that signed me up were visibly mad. They wouldn't listen to what I got to say. All they care about is the monthly/annual membership fee with disregard to the customer service. And to also add to the fire, the front desk had me wait on the General Manager for about 2 hours, thinking that I'd just walk away!

Extreme Fitness - Ontario / Training Membership Scam

shanKathir on May 2, 2011

I was tricked into signing up for training thinking that I would only pay for training based on the months used. In my case I was going to use my sessons in 2 months which made me think I was only going to pay $120~ for 2 months. Litttle did I know they were going to charge me 60.50 for twelve months straight at a cost of 80dollars PER hour training session:S How I caught there scam was when my nutrionist told me if I wanted to keep training I needed to sign up for more sessons. Which I did, but then that started another set of payments. So they where trying to take out 100.50 dollars for my...

Extreme Fitness - Ontario, North York / Membership Renewal

moshb on Feb 9, 2011

Long story short, my wife has 'Perpetual' membership with Extreme Fitness signed up on March 9, 2010 and as it states on contract, completion date is March 9, 2011. On March 9, 2010 the initial payment was processed, and starting May 1, 2010 until January 1, 2011, the remaining 9 payments were processed. Knowing these scammers would try to take money out, I stopped the payment on January 2, 2011 so that no further payment can be processed. My wife went to the gym on February 8, 2011 and was rejected entry due to 'non-payment' and that when I spoke to the general manager...

Extreme Fitness / Bad service

Xtreme fitness in Redding, California used to be a nice clean place. When it first opened, the staff was nice and courteous, and they kept the place clean. I used to know them by name and they would greet anyone that came in. I also saw them cleaning the place all the time to make sure it was a good environment. Not anymore. The place is always a mess. It is such a mess that other members don't even try to re-stack the weights in the proper order anymore. In the free weight area, there are dumbbells, weights, and grips scattered everywhere, and they are a tripping hazard. Dumbbells are also...

Extreme Fitness - Ontario, Toronto / Registration scam

I think I see a pattern here. DO NOT fill out those stupid ballots - there IS no prize. EVERYBODY wins '2nd prize', and when you invariably discover you've been scammed, they will very conveniently tell you that the representative who signed you up and lied to your face 'no longer works there'. I 'collected my prize' at the Yonge & Dundas location from a rep named Brooks, and gave them my credit card info ONLY after I made Brooks take me through the ENTIRE contract and made him guarantee MULTIPLE times that I could cancel the contract at any time with 2 week...

Extreme Fitness / Unauthorized charges

Well, I didn't think it would happen to me, but alas, I've been hoodwinked by Extreme Fitness! I was working with a personal trainer, which was costing me 180$ a month (steep, but somewhat manageable). Anyways, my personal trainer told me my sessions would be coming to an end, and I should renew to ensure a smooth transition. I sit down with a manager, scrutinize the contract, it looked fine, so I decide to continue. 15 days later when I get billed, direct deposit style, my account it virtually raped. Checking my account statements, I see Extreme Fitness has charged me a bunch of...

Extreme Fitness / Awful place


Sign up in April 2009 for $8/month for 2 months no contract. Told the sales person that i wanted to try this location because it's close to work and want to see how it will go. Was instructed that to cancel need to send a letter 14 days before my 2 months special expired. So i did (and they have it on file, i saw it with my 2 eyes) After couple of weeks realized that they still charging me on my card (give them the card in the first place since it's their policy and they need to have it on file so i could have my 2 month special) So i went to interchange location, talked with the...

Extreme Fitness / Scam and cheating


I moved here from Texas and went to the Sheppard and Yonge location of extreme fitness. I met with a representative called Fern Raufi and I CLEARLY asked her if I could leave the gym if I wanted to after 4 months. I didnt really want to leave but wanted to be sure that if needed I can always withdraw. She enthusiastically said yes and I walked away with the paper work with the intention of having it signed and returned in a few days. She kept calling me for 2 days after that to make sure I come back in which I did because her guarantee seemed solid and like most consumers, when a legit...

Extreme Fitness - Ontario, Vaughan / Terrible company


Yesterday I received a call - message from an Extreme Fitness representative Alessandra Panno stating that I had won the second prize (free month membership, free consultation and 240$ towards the purchase of anything relating to the center) to a contest I had entered (I had filled out a ballot at a local restaurant). My friend, Michelle, called Allessandra back and got all the information necessary to claim our 'prize' and finally we were scheduled for an appointment to consult with her about how to get my free month and other prizes. And now that I think of it, I know why they gave...

Extreme Fitness - Ohio, Toronto / Trainers and membership fees are terrible

The personal trainers at Extreme Fitness at Yonge and Dundas are immature and ruthless. I saw them in the act of vandalizing a goodlife ballot box, more than once. There were drawings of penis' and comments about how extreme fitness "rocks" all over the box. How old are they? They're being paid well, (20$+/hr per training session) and charging clients more than double. I don't even know how management hires these ###s. A friend of mine got called up by extreme fitness telling her that she won 2nd prize in the Extreme Fitness ballot @ Yonge and Dundas. 2nd Prize consisted of a 1...

Extreme Fitness - California, Redding / Rip off


I decided to get a gym membership at Extreme fitness in February. Several people told me not to go there because they rip you off and continue to charge your account after you cancel it. I decided to go there anyways because I figured it would not happen to me and that I would take care of it when the time came. When setting up my account I was told that I would be the primary on my account if I decided to add someone to it. I was also told that they do not do paper bills and that I would have to give them my credit card number so they may bill me every month. I paid the outrageous membership...

Extreme Fitness / Do not join this gym


They are all nice when they want you to sign but when you want to cancel - they will not return your calls nor will the service you in person. Do not join this gym. They use aggressive tactics - this deal is only a special for this weekend and don't worry you cancel - is a lie. Do believe the marketing sheets that $8 no contract - this is not true. Do NOT give them your credit card even though they say you cancel. This goes for all extreme locations. Very disappointed and have the same complaints from others who have tried the trial 30 days - it is a hoax. They need your money to compensate for all the renovations they are doing to the gym.