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Energetix Complaints & Reviews

Energetix - New York, Rochester / Energy Supplier EXCO Supply Service

Oct 3, 2015

I have just become aware of the incredible scam knows and Energetix. Our local utility began many years ago to provide the option of purchasing the energy supply from separate independent companies. As I recall, this was a new New York State regulatory requirement that was supposed to save the consumer money. It appears very clear to me now that our state legislature or other regulatory officials are fully in the pocket of these independent companies. So much for the Republican mantra that free enterprise is always better. Bottom Line: I have just reviewed a 12 month comparison of what...

Energetix / Excessive charges

Feb 7, 2015

RG&E has a nice tool on their website for comparing your ESCO to what RG&E would have charged for the same electric and gas supply. I have been an Energetix customer for several years and finally realized I am paying too much. In comparing what I paid EnergetÎx over the past 12 months to what RG&E would charge for the same supply, I found that I paid 65% too much. How can Energetix advertise that they will save you money and then charge that much more. For several months they charged more than 100% more than RG&E's variable rates. There should be truth in advertising so they would have...

Energetix / Terrible company


We are a retired couple living on a small pension and Social Security. We received a phone call from Energetix last year stating that we were $1000.00 behind on our budget plan. When asked how could this happen, the answer was not forthcoming but they would set up a budget plan that would pay for the deficit and keep our current billing up to date. We accepted that, not really wishing to fight them. Last week we received another call from Energetix saying we were now $2000.00 behind in our budget plan. When asked how this could happen, we were told not to dwell in the past, what is done, i...