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I have just become aware of the incredible scam knows and Energetix. Our local utility began many years ago to provide the option of purchasing the energy supply from separate independent companies. As I recall, this was a new New York State regulatory requirement that was supposed to save the consumer money. It appears very clear to me now that our state legislature or other regulatory officials are fully in the pocket of these independent companies. So much for the Republican mantra that free enterprise is always better. Bottom Line: I have just reviewed a 12 month comparison of what Energetix charged me for electric and gas, vs. what the local utility would have charged. It turns out that we paid 207% more for our electricity and 243% more for our natural gas. Total added cost to us over the past 12 months? $1, 983! This is a major scam. My next step is to lodge a complaint with the NYS Attorney General's Office. If this is not seen as a criminal act, it will further validate my belief that our state legislators and regulators are fully bought and paid for by big business!

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