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Empire Complaints & Reviews

Empire / unprofessional sales rep

Dec 19, 2016

I called empire to get an estimate for hardwood flooring. The sales guy that was assigned to us was awful. He was more concerned with the other work we have being completed in our home. Which I believe he increased the price of the estimate. I do not believe he gave me an honest estimate. After he left I had additional questions so I reached out to him, but didn't receive a phone call back until two days later. I had two other contractors come out to give us an estimate and they told me a different story about how the floors would be installed. I was told by empire that they could install...

Empire - Maryland, Rocky Ridge / salesperson misleading


Jeff Eckstein was the Empire representative that came to the home that we are in the processing of buying. He came in introduced himself and we introduced all that was there. He said that we was going to get the samples from the car and would be back. Excited to start the process of picking out new flooring we waited for Jeff to come back in. He came in with 4 carpet samples and 2 hard wood books. Not knowing I looked at my husband as to that is it, but didn’t say anything to Jeff. He then proceeded to throw the samples of carpet one by one on the floor and said “This is good, thi...

Empire - Florida, Orlando / being harassed after agreement


My husband and I have several store account, example, Sams Club, Empire Rugs, Rooms to Go. Seems all are controlled by GE Money Bank. Because we lost our jobs some accounts went behind, still making payments every month but being harassed for back amount. Calls restricted numbers starting early in morning until late evenings. Made aagreement for one account Empire for Customer Assistance Program paid $98.00 up front and need to pay $45.00 for 9 months call a hardship program. Well today on this account got 3 phones calls, they are calling for back amount. I told them I have this agreement they told me...

Empire - Minnesota, Zimmerman / measure was way off!


We had Empire out. As the sales rep knocked every company out their on the market, which was a RED FLAG to use right away. He measured our living room, hallway and bedroom. My husband right off thought there was no way it was that many Square Feet for those rooms. He re measured when the rep left after presurring us to purchase. My husband came up with over a 100 sq feet difference. We then had Home Depot out, who also came up with over 100 sq feet less. The rep would also not give us the cost per sq feet easy, it was just no it is X price. Then he proceeded to tell us the laminate flooring...