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I subscribed to this website almost two months ago on the free membership. Almost inmediatly I started to received emails from some of the members. This website says that they are very selective with the members and not everybody is accepted. I was hesiteting about paying the full membership of $137.99 but I was hoping on meeting someone and start a relationship. I was having lots of emails (at the end of the 2 months I had more than 100 emails) but I couldn't read them because the free membership didn't allow to read them. When finally decided to pay for the membership I never... - Illinois, Chicago / On Line Dating


This site is a complete SCAM! Yes, I got suckered into "upgrading" since you needed to do that to read the emails you are getting from "Cream of the Crop" dating pool. So I is what you will discover once you get access and open your inbox. The emails are all pretty much the same but from different people. 1-2 vague sentences about what they are doing. And when you email them...NO RESPONSE! I emailed the CEO and NO RESPONSE! I submitted an email to Dateline NBC. Maybe they can do an expose on this site and the people who run this scam! I read these comments after I had already paid. So too late, but I am calling my bank to file a complaint and get my money back. So wish me luck!!! - California / scam


I signed up for this dating service because they give you the impression that they scrutinize and verify their members for income level, attractiveness, success etc. It is a pricey site so I figured it must attract only people that can afford it. That was a good first sign as far as I'm concerned. I didn't pay to join at first but received approximately 30 emails in the meantime from men that wanted to make contact with me. Because I hadn't paid yet I wasn't able to read them, just see the pictures and read the profiles. Several of the men had different levels of membership...