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Elite Manufacturing, LLC Complaints & Reviews

Elite Manufacturing, LLC - Florida, Fort Walton Beach / Corrupt companies!


This is what happened to our family after being unable to obtain financing: I just want to let everyone I know exactly what kind of crisis these two companies ( Elite and Cuppys)have put my family in. 1. They owe us 40, 900. (money that I had to MORTGAGE my home for). 2. My house is near foreclosure because I now cant pay my bills because of the amount of interest I am paying in order to provide Elite Manufacturing and Cuppys Coffee (one in the same)an INTEREST FREE loan! 3. These people are putting me, my BABY, and my husband out on the streets while WE pay everyones wages! 4. We are in...

Elite Manufacturing, LLC - Florida, Ft Walton Beach / Terrible service!


We sent a deposit to Elite Manufacturing, LLC for build-out of a coffee franchise. For various reasons, we have requested return of our down payment, and we have entered into a Settlement Agreement with them for partial return of our down payment. The Agreement was signed in November 2007, and called for 13 monthly payments, beginning November 20, 2007, and each month thereafter. Today is January 27, 2008, and we still have not received the first payment. The company's representative will not return calls or respond to e-mails checking status on our payments due. Beware!!!

Elite Manufacturing, LLC - Florida, Fort Walton Beach / Refund of funds!


Have requested refund of tendered deposit for a build out for a franchise business. A statement on their purchase order agreement states that, if subject to third party financing and return of down payment; "in the event that Purchaser is unable to obtain financing, then this agreement shall automatically terminate, neither party shall have any further legal obligation hereunder and any down payment tendered shall be returned to Purchaser." I have requested a refund of down payment due to not getting financing. I have not been given a refund as requested and they admit that I am due a...