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Durabrand Complaints & Reviews

Durabrand - Missouri, Springfield / comming apart


I Bought the Portable DVD Players with dual screens model #PDV-722 from walmart and I lost the reciept, but when we bought them they took our Name so they can keep track of the sale of the product, so i could not return them with out a reciept, the DVD player that the movie goes into is coming apart at the top, you can see where the screws is trying to work out of the inside. Is there any way to get a refund???3

Durabrand - Indiana, New Albany / Electric hand mixer Model#216401


I purchased this Durabrand hand mixer to use for small tasks instead of using my stand mixer. I didn't have any reason to think anything was wrong with it so I threw away the pkg. and put it away. A few weeks later I used it and was thoroughly disgusted with this mixer. It has no slow speed. Although there are five settings marked on it, there is no discernable difference between any of them.It throws the ingredients out of the bowl onto everything leaving a mess to clean up. After trying to use it twice I found it to be totally useless and threw it away. It didn't cost very much but...

Durabrand - New Jersey, Edison / Portable DVD Player


I bought a Portable DVD player at Walwart in Salem, NH on 12/22/07. Recently the device does not recognize the Dvds when they are put in and these are the same DVDs that weve watched on other occasions. Ive called Walmart and they tell me they no longer carry durabrand item and I have to send the DVD player to manufacturer to be repaired. When I call the number in the manual I get a messege for a prize line. I have a receipt, original box and the manual. Ive called other electronic places to see if i can get it fixed and they also tell me to send to manufacturer.

Durabrand - Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh / blade sheared on blender


I purchased a durabrand blender TSK-9368AP from Walmart and within a year the blades totally sheared. Aside from this being dangerous, I was very upset that Walmart could not help me being outside their 90day policy and then I was unable to find any Durabrand contact address to complain to. I found one phone number but they said they only dealt with electronics such as tvs and dvd players. I find this unbelievable and vow not to buy Durabrand again.