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Duke Energy Progress Complaints & Reviews

Duke Energy Progress / over charging

Dec 18, 2018

My light bill doubled this month from last month and the excuse your reps give is that the weather. It was not even cold for the most part of November. The meter read double than last month and then I checked it 5 days later and it was already up 500 kw. That is not normal. I have checked all breakers one at a time and in groups and nothing changes the kw usage. I requested my meter be checked and was told some outlandish line about it either slowing down or stopping, like it can't speed up. Duke Energy Progress is money sucking vultures that bleed the consumer dry. When there is no...

Duke Energy Progress - North Carolina, Charlotte / power outage

Sep 16, 2018

There was a threat of bad weather, however the power went out while there was little to no activity and did not come back for about 28 hours. I never got any updates from the company on the status of my electricity and was never notified of it being turned back on. There have been worse thunderstorms than what we experienced with Hurricane Florence and this should not have happened. One of my neighbors saw a lineman at CVS and was told "the problem is fixed it's up to Duke to the power back on" so it sounds like we were in the dark for reasons not related to the weather, and that is wrong! Who made the decision to have so many in the dark like that? What did it prove?

Duke Energy Progress / everything

Sep 10, 2018

Okay so where to start... I first called because I felt like my bill was too high for the little amount of electricity I was using. Mind you almost everything in my house is gas! I live alone and am only home maybe 5 hrs a day. And don't leave lights on. So I called and asked why my bills were so high. She came up with every excuse in the book on why my bill was as high as it was. $130. No water included mind you. So no help with that. Now we have a hurricane coming, so me being proactive. I called a week in advance to have them come check my power lines to make sure they would be okay cause...