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Dromperstaux Complaints & Reviews

Dromperstaux / scooters and carts

Jun 21, 2019

Order numbers 2940 and 2995. Never received our scooters or our carts. Want our money refunded ASAP. This company appears to be fraudulent and we will be contacting our financial institution to lodge fraudulent charges complaints to get our money back. Facebook ought to be ashamed of themselves for allowing frauds to advertise on their platform and ought to be held culpable for all of our losses.

Dromperstaux / I purchased a battery operated car I have not received

Apr 13, 2019

Dromperstaux I purchased a battery operated car for this company before Christmas and they reported on Dec 31, 2018 my order had been received and it would be shipped after the holidays. I even received a response to please be patient!! Well they no longer respond and I have not received the car. Dromperstaux ORDER #3656 Thank you for your purchase! Hi Patricia, we're getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent. View your order or Visit our store cannot even pull up the "online" to view it

Dromperstaux / electric scooter

Mar 21, 2019

I ordered the Scooter from Dromperstaux order #1895 on 12/28/18 after hearing nothing for a while I contacted them and a person named Shirl Narcisa responded saying the order was packed and shipped to port so be patient and when it gets there I will receive tracking info that was on January 30/19 her E-MAIL is supposedly [protected] not a word since!!!

Dromperstaux / scooter

Mar 19, 2019

I also ordered the scooter, order# 3254. I received an email 12/30/2018 stating my item had shipped. The middle of January I began trying to obtain shipping information. I received one email 2/20/2019 telling me to be patient, they are looking into it. If you can supply me with your email address, I will forward all of my communications. Lorraine Newton [protected]

Dromperstaux / electric mobility scooters

Mar 05, 2019

I ordered 2 blue electric scooters and they took my money and I have waiter 3 months and no scooters! My husband and myself are both disabled and need help getting around. we are on a fixed income and relied on this company to keep thier word and deliver. shame on facebook for allowing such advertising on there site. I am requesting a full refund from Dronperstaux and that they get fined and an apology to all that they hurt. Judy Mrdutt

Dromperstaux / scooter purchase

Mar 04, 2019

I purchased a scooter on line back in early january and canceled the order later that evening due to this as being a scam. I was not refunded my money back to my account or received any notification concerning this transaction. The sum was $64.99. My name is george burke 15 crosswind lane Rochester, nh 03867 Tel.[protected] Please inform me what I can do to get my money back or the product that was purchased. Thank you.

Dromperstaux / scooter

Feb 16, 2019

I purchased this for 69.99 and money was deducted from my checking account back in december and never received my scooter. This is outrageous and being an elderly person in need of this very discusted and am reporting this to the bbb as fraudulent company. Should have went through paypal instead. Now i'm going to report this to my credit union so they will investigate and hope my money is returned to my account. Also if no scooter's received asap then I will start legal proceedings as well.

Dromperstaux - Florida, Brandon / small fold down scooters

Jan 27, 2019

I ordered dec 30, 2018 on facebook. It said order would be delivered after the holiday. I have not heard from the company. Can you help me with a e mail address on how to contact this company. My e mail address is [protected] My name is sherinita a rush. I have seen other complaints about this company. Is this a scam? Can facebook be held some responsibility for allowing this company to advertise on it media?

Dromperstaux - Texas, Humble / electric trike motorcycle

Jan 26, 2019

My name is Jose DeLaCerda Jr and on 12-30-18 I ordered an Electric Trike Motorcycle and payed $69.99 and my order number is 3231 I payed with my master card ending in 7483 I have inquired about this item before with negative results so I'm trying again to see if someone can tell me when and or if I will receive this Motorcycle any time soon. Iordered it for my grandson for his birthday. Please someone let me know when or if I'll receive this item any time soon. If not then I'm requesting a full refund of the $69.99 I payed for this item. My phone number is [protected] or just email me with an answer. Thank you, Jose DeLaCerda Jr

Dromperstaux / blue scooter

Jan 24, 2019

Hi my name is Judy VanKuren and I bought a blue scooter for 64.99 order # 2423 from Dromperstaux / on December 29th 2018 off of Facebook. I have not heard anything on my scooter since they took my money. Can a tone help me at least figure out where to email them? My email address is [protected] Thank you Judy VanKuren

Dromperstaux / the electric bikes and scooters that are all over facebook

Jan 17, 2019

My order is.. Order numbers are..3924 and 1979 and the tracking number is lt181223326cn.. Hope you can help.. They took my money and no producti can't get a solid answer from china... Only that I have to wait till the ship docks somewhere and if i'm lucky I will have one scooter or maybe both scooters on it.. Facebook or you people have gotten so big that anybody can advertise and sell anything on it remember when it was just friends having fun it's not fun any more and i'm sick of it... Dan the email address the provided is... [protected] So get me my [censored]..