Dr. Morris Ritz Complaints & Reviews

Dr. Morris Ritz - Victoria, Melbourne / medical negligence

Nov 13, 2012

Dr. Morris Ritz is a Melbourne plastic surgeon who performed plastic surgery on my wife. He told her that she would take approximately six weeks to recover and it took six months. He told her she would suffer moderate pain and it was the worst possible pain on earth. My wife was not scared or physically damaged by this man, but she did suffer a great deal of physical pain and subsequent depression- as we did as a family, because of watching her. Also, she had to take a lot of time off work, that we had not envisaged, and as we rely on both our incomes, we have suffered in many ways due to thi...

Dr. Morris Ritz - Victoria, Melbourne / Plastic Surgery

Mar 30, 2012

Dr. Ritz should not be practising. he really hurt a friend of mine. He doesn't care about women's consent and is an ambitious, greedy snake in the grass who should be a used car salesmana and not a plastic surgeon

Dr. Morris Ritz - Victoria, Melbourne / medical malpractice

Mar 26, 2012

Dr. Morris Ritz from The Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery is responsible for the mutilation of a female patient's body. This is a well known, documented fact and the brave woman set out to protect others by speaking out. NOW, it would appear that Dr. Morris Ritz has spent who knows how much money?- Trying to KEEP THE TRUTH OFF THE INTERNET- it's obvious that someone is being paid to go through all the possible sites, and rate him as the kind of plastic surgeon he is NOT. BEWARE OF FAKE RATINGS FOR DR. MORRIS RITZ AND LOOK FOR THE REAL ONES- GOOGLE Dr. Morris Ritz HARD AND LOOK...

Dr. Morris Ritz - Victoria, Melbourne Metro Area / unethcial medicine, medical negligence.


Dr. Morris Ritz, Australian (South African trained) Plastic/cosmetic surgeon, is a LIAR and a CHEAT. When faced with discipline from the Australian Medical Board, Dr. Morris RItz deliberately removed entire sections from a patient's file, and used the fact that this poor, fragile woman had suffered from "depression", in a self-centred, entirely RUTHLESS "RECONSTRUCTION" Of the facts, that presented her as delusional and/or a pathological liar, via his priveleged access to her medical records. The Australian Medical Board, that consists of nothing other than a bunch of well-intentioned...

Dr. Morris Ritz - Victoria, Melbourne / Non-consensual surgery


Dr. Morris Ritz performed procedures on my friend that she DID NOT REQUEST. He did this while he was doing something she said "yes" to. He invaded her body, violated her rights, and did what he thought she needed without ASKING HER- ---- His response when she complained... It was for "free"... Wow!! This doctor is in desperate need of psychiatric help and he has badly damaged many women and, instead of owning up to his lies and deceit, he paints the women as "neurotic' --- We mustn't be fooled by any of these surgeons- regardless of their training. Dr. Ritz has all the credential...

Dr. Morris Ritz - Victoria, Melbourne / Dangerous Doctor


Dr. Morris RItz was recently infront of the Medical Board of Victoria, for encouraging a patient to take large amounts of drugs and for coercing her to come to him as the last patient of the day. The woman involved stood up to him and asked him what he wanted from her. She was terrified. However, the Medical Board could not find enough evidence. When the woman requested to see her own medical file, she realised that Dr. Ritz had altered it and tampered with it. The woman saw the whole story and the very manipulative and sick way he had treated her. He did not care at all how it affected her...