SUBMIT A COMPLAINT Complaints & Reviews / Bait and Switch, refusal to honor cancellation

Jul 10, 2011 states that if you sign up that you will receive a plethora of information about, and access to their drop shipping companies. WHAT drop shipping companies? Every company I saw was for wholesale purchase of large quantities of junk that no one would buy. These are not even overstock items--they are just junk--and for a small business to be expected to buy this merchandise is ridiculous0-but of course we were led to believe that there were actual drop shipping companies out there to sign up with. NOPE. First issue with Doba = fraud in the inducement (selling something that doesn't... / I'd recommend against trying it, unless you like the thrill of waiting for their phone calls

Apr 02, 2011

I was curious about the 7 day free trial was entering my information in when they asked for my credit card info., so I googled some reviews and realized it was probably not going to be a good idea. I closed the browser and didn't sign up. The next day, I get at least 3 calls from them with a voicemail telling me to sign up for their promotion of 14 days free. I hope they stop calling me because I read on another site, that they've been receiving calls from them almost every day...and it's not possible to block numbers unless you pay $4.99/month if you're with AT&T so I'd recommend against trying it, unless you like the thrill of waiting for their phone calls. / Not worth the hustle


I dealt with them a good few years ago. I was stupid and let myself get duped. I signed up (I don't remember if I had a free membership for a week or something or if I paid a small fee) Some guy called me the following day and got my [censored] to fork over $200 or something for a year or two long membership or something. They claim to have items at a fair wholesale price to sell on ebay. After I got into the site and poked around, I saw that their prices were selling for the going price on ebay anyhow. I tried to get my money back to no avail. I just sucked it up and let it go knowing I... / Unethical


I signed up for a trial period and before it was even over they called me to sign me up for a year at a discounted rate. I accepted, thinking what a great deal it was. They never told me I could not be refunded if I cancelled. When I started doing research to choose the best prices for the items I was going to sell, I discovered that in some cases their so-called wholesale price was higher than what retail stores were selling the same product for, or the profit margin was very low. I also discovered that most of the computer products were outdated and there were already new versions available... / Don't do business with them


Lost $120.00 to Doba after they charged a restocking fee for an engagement ring that they sent out which was the wrong size. First they said there would be no restocking fee in an e-mail. then they refunded only a partial payment and keep the rest as a restocking fee. I feel that Doba has misrepresented it self. And should make this issue right. As a new member of their service I have lost faith in their ability to be a good company to do business with.