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Discover Magazine Complaints & Reviews

Discover Magazine / Discover the awful truth about DISCOVER Magazine

Sep 20, 2012

My wife took out a subscription to DISCOVER Magazine. Little did we realize that once a subscriber, we would forever to tormented by telemarketers once we had dropped the subscription. We are registered for the no-call program of the government to stop telemarketers, but it has zero effect on these idiots. After telling them in no uncertain terms that we did not wish to renew our subscription, they have added our name to a ‘former-subscriber list’ which is then sold to hundreds (if not thousands) of telmareters. We probably average 2 or 3 phone calls a week, and this has been going on for six months.

Discover Magazine / Missing issues they won't replace, difficulty getting reply to emails to customer service, unhelpful customer rep on phone


Discover Magazine lets people outside North America subscribe via their website. I live in the Philippines and could not find a local distributor so I subscribed online. They listed the Philippines as one of the countries they distribute to. 1. My credit card was charged for a 12-month subscription on Nov. 12, 2008. I purposefully signed up in November to give them time to process my order so that the subscription starts in January, letting me get the full year. There was no way to indicate in the online order form when to start the subscription (at least back then there wasn't, I...

Discover Magazine - Mississippi / Scam, Lying, Company


discover enterprise I received call offering some subscriptions and I was able to cancel all of them but two months after that call, I received an other call from discover enterprise saying that my account was in past due, I told them that I never received nothing form Discover enterprise and I didn’t want the service, but they told me that I cannot cancel the subscription because the trial period was expired two month ago and now I'm obligated to pay $39 each month per two years, even if I didn't received nothing from them in the mail. In fact I never knew anything about thi...

Discover Magazine - Colorado / Subscription


Door-to-door salesman sold us a subscription to Discover Magazine. The subscription began as promised. But we ordered and paid for 24 issues and Discover Magazine claims we were only signed up for 12. Numerous calls directly to Diamond Sales have gone unanswered. We also contacted World Class Circulation, Corp.,, and Discover Magazine and no one has been able to help resolve this problem. Diamond Sales, Inc. has stolen (more than) half of the money we paid them to start a subscription on our behalf. We paid them $45 for 24 issues of Discover Magazine, plus a $9...