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Discount Beauty Center Complaints & Reviews

Discount Beauty Center / Unfilled Order

Dec 22, 2012

Horrible communication from the seller. The day after placing my order, I received an email saying they only had 2 of the 4 items I ordered and did I still want those. I replied "Yes". After the delivery date came and went, I called Customer No-Service who told me they had none of the items I ordered and claimed they tried to email me but the email bounced back (even though it was the same address they had used before and I received 2 promotional emails from them in the previous week). They also have my phone number but apparently couldn't make the effort to call. Their lack of concern for their customers has now made it impossible to order from another vendor to get the items for Christmas.

Discount Beauty Center / fraud


This company sells professional salon marked for "salon sale or professional sale only" illegally online and then attempts to "hide" it on their website. I purchased some shampoo+conditioner called Nucleic A protoplex from this website and then come to find out from the manufacturer of the product: Zotos International said that their products are NOT to be sold online under any circumstances. I called Discount Beauty Center about this and getting a refund and they basically laughed at me saying "well it's not our problem you dont' "like" the product, you can return it for store...