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Direct Heating and Cooling Complaints & Reviews

Direct Heating and Cooling - Florida, Cape Coral / Clean my air conditioner

May 15, 2012

I received a sales call offering me a cleaning of my home air conditioner for $35.99 changing the filter cleaning the air ducts and checking the freeon. My husband took off work early to be there for the scheduled appointment. They never showed up and finally called and said that since there was noone at home they cancelled the appointment. When I came home from work (wife) I called the company complaining that when we schedule appointments and take off work we expect someone to show up. They put me on with a supervisor and they offered me the same deal for $29.99, appologized and came the...

Direct Heating and Cooling - Florida, Cape Coral / over charged& lied to, poor service


In May 2010 my daughter noticed the the AC wasn't coming out cold. we found a sticker on the AC unit for Direct and contacted them. We found out that Direct had replaced 5 AC units in 2005, along with checking all the other units. while they were in the other units they put their sticker on ALL the units so if you needed service you would call them. Ironically thats what we did. They come out in a couple of hours and the technision tried a few things (changed the capacitor, for which he left in place) but determined that the compressor was shot. The cost to replace it along with a compressor...

Direct Heating and Cooling - Florida, Fort Myers / Beware of Salesmen masquerading as technicians


Glad to see this site is around to warn those with web access. Like one of the other posters, we were sold a new unit to replace one that was still under warranty. They give you free bi-annual maintenance check ups but they really don't do much of anything that I can tell except try to sell you something else. Jeez! On the last visit they didn't even clean the filter! Didn't even look at it! Just told me that I needed all new duct work. Whether it's new duct work, a new compressor, ultra violet lights or whatever, they are there for one reason and one reason only: TO SELL...

Direct Heating and Cooling - Florida, Cape Coral / Unethical service


I called to have a service done on my home back in April I am 76 and on a limited income a tech by the name of jay came to my home and did absolutlet nothing he pulled the filter and did nothing else on the check list that was provided by another individual at the company i also talked witha aDon and a Jeremiah who did nothing at all as i called back several times and asked for Michael who was a help here i am now waiting still for the filter to be cut to size and put in i also understand that Direct heating and Cooling are directly associated with Vans Heating and coling in which in fact they...

Direct Heating and Cooling / Read this before you call to DHC!


I did not realize there was a website I would have check it first before I made a one year contract with this company direct heating and cooling in Cape Coral. My AC has been working fine since I bought my house in 2004; in February I wanted just to have a regular check up. So I called this company thinking it was going to be a good experience….and this is what happened. A tech came came and check the condenser and the evaporator unit and told me it was fine. That all I needed was a UV light to avoid getting mold in the unit and will help me and my kids not to get...