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Dealer Services Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Dealer Services Corporation / $60,000 fine for unlicensed lender

Mar 10, 2011

This SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) is entered into as of June 23, 2009 by and between the California Corporations Commissioner (“Commissioner”) on the one hand, and Dealer Services Corporation doing business as Discover DSC, (“Discover”) on the other hand, (hereinafter collectively “the Parties”). RECITALS This Agreement is made with reference to the following facts: A. Discover is a corporation in good standing, duly formed and existing pursuant to the laws of the State of Delaware, and authorized to conduct business in California. Discover has it...

Dealer Services Corporation / Stay away

Feb 16, 2011

the motor vehicles is and was tortuous, malicious, outrageous, oppressive, fraudulent, made in bad faith…” Grissom concurs. DSC’s SACC verifies that they have indeed committed unconscionable acts. In a Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings, all allegations are considered factual. DSC’s SACC, Page 7, Paragraph 41 explicitly states: “DSC’s conduct in selling and/or converting the motor vehicles is and was tortuous, malicious, outrageous, oppressive, fraudulent, made in bad faith…” Grissom concurs. DSC’s SACC verifies that they have indeed...

Dealer Services Corporation / Contumacious failure of court rules


A Missouri Court in 2010 stated DSC's "contumacious" failure to comply with discovery and Rules of Civil Procedure in another case regarding DSC's unlawful taking of vehicles. K&E Investments obtained a verdict for conversion along with punitive damages against DSC for stealing dozens of vehicles. DSC's own local manger, Mike Carroll, objected to the repossession by DSC. However, DSC's representative stated that DSC had the superior lien holder, "I really don't give a f___ about K&E. We're going to do whatever the f___ we have to do." One stated justification for DSC taking K&E's property and collateral was "it was easier to haul it off than it was to move in on the lot."

Dealer Services Corporation / Loan sharking


The phrase "loan shark" is applied to a lender that charges high rates of interest and designs their credit product to make paying off the debt difficult. A borrower is trapped by loans; unable to pay off the principal, late fees and other added costs. Borrowers become indentured slaves as the aim of a loan shark is to keep their customer in debt, a virtual annuity. When doing business with DSC, you are swimming with the great white shark, and there is blood in the water. Dealer Services Corporation lures used car dealers with the promise of a "credit line" of $100, 000 or more. However...

Dealer Services Corporation - California, Santa Ana / Attorney Mocks Mental Disorder for Pay


Tom Roddy Normandin - Attorney Mocks Mental Disorder for Pay Are Dealer Services Corporation tactics psychologically traumatizing? The false charges by DSC were likely devastating for many small used car dealers that were victimized by this unlicensed lender. DSC’s scorched earth business plan involves the use of lawyers willing to defend wealthy corporations that habitually engage in criminal behavior. The occasional hand slaps received by DSC are chalked up to business costs and are as effective as warnings to a criminal sociopath. Attorney Tom Normandin’s questions regarding...

Dealer Services Corporation - California, San Francisco / SUPREME COURT of California to hear conversion case


Dealer Services Corporation conversion case headed to California Supreme Court. Defendant and Appellant Dealer Services Corporation attorney Tom Roddy Normandin appeals ruling by the California Fourth Appellate District, Division One D053162. (Fariba v. Dealer Services Corporation filed 11/16/2009 Supreme Court Case S177988). The Supreme Court is located in San Francisco, which allows DSC corporate counsel John Wick to explain his testimony of 100, 000 loans made in California without a Lenders License to the California Department of Corporations. DSC has also filed two separate appeals with the Missouri Court of Appeals in 2009. (Case No.’s WD70094 and WD70750).

Dealer Services Corporation - Missouri, Clay County / $3,773,042.56 Judgment against Dealer Services Corporation


$3, 773, 042.56 Judgment against Dealer Services Corporation The Court enters judgment for Plaintiff's and against Defendant Dealer Service Corporation Inc. for the total amount of $3, 773, 042.56 for which let execution go forth. In Missouri Circuit Court, Kline Corporation received a judgment against notorious UCC bandits Dealer Services Corporation for $3.7 million. DSC officers John E. Fuller and Eric S. Hurst depositions were ordered by the court after plaintiff originally filed for Mandatory Preliminary and Permanent Injunction against DSC. Bond of $4, 031, 000.00 issued by Travelers is posted by DSC in their appeal. Burbank Beat Reporting

Dealer Services Corporation / JOHN WICK &conned & tricked& dealer


Dealer Services Corporation – JOHN WICK “conned” and “tricked” dealer to get vehicles. When California Auto Sales & Leasing (CASL) went out of business and wholesaler Behyar Fariba attempted to retrieve his vehicles, he discovered 14 of his vehicles were being repossessed by DSC. Fariba spoke with John Wick, DSC's corporate counsel, who told him DSC "conned" and "tricked" Fariba in order to get the vehicles from him. DSC refused to return the vehicles and Fariba sued. The court entered judgment in Fariba's favor, awarding possession of the vehicles and $32, 500 in damages. DSC appealed and lost. (Fariba v. Dealer Services Corporation (2009) Cal.App.4th D053162)

Dealer Services Corporation / Repossession IS Conversion


DEALER SERVICES CORPORATION – CONVERSION VERDICT UPHELD BY APPELLATE COURT (Fariba v. Dealer Services Corporation (2009) Cal.App.4th D053162) Appellate Court rules DSC argument “absurd”. DSC asserts that as a matter of law it held a perfected security interest in the vehicles that had priority over Fariba's because it filed a UCC-1 financing statement and Fariba did not. This contention is unavailing. It would be absurd to hold a creditor responsible for imputed knowledge but not hold the same creditor responsible for actual knowledge. There is no merit to DSC's contention...

Dealer Services Corporation - Indiana, all states / unfair business


STOP DEALER SERVICES CORPORATION NOW! MEET GRISSOM IN INDIANA 16TH – 31ST October Search for Class Action Victims Indiana Evansville, New Albany, Washington, Vincennes, Seymour, Bedford, and more… If you are a consumer, or Auto Dealer and you believe Dealer Services Corporation has repossesses you’re vehicle, there are laws to protect you against such crimes. There are other crimes that may have happen to you, bring all contracts, letters, recording, to the meeting; we will protect your identity. Join the Class Action Against Dealer Services Corporation “Floorplan lenders are...

Dealer Services Corporation - Louisiana, Carmel / Antitrust, Counterfeiting Securties


A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing – Ren’T-Own A new bill in Congress will make car buyers criminals if they get behind in payments. The Consumer Rental Purchase Agreement Act lobbied by financial institutions wants to change loans and leases to Rent-to-Own contracts. Dealer Services Corporation president, John Fuller, says his "Ren'T'Own" automobile financing “can separate a delinquent "renter" from his beloved car in a New York minute–no sticky consumer-protection laws to slow things down. H.R. Bill 1744 introduced 3/26/2009 by Congressman William Lacy...

Dealer Services Corporation - Indiana, Carmel / Lawsuits against California Car Dealers


Dealer Services Corporation has filed an Indiana Sister-State Judgment against a California car dealer for $334, 221. DSC has obtained judgments in an Indiana Superior Court against California business owners who obtained loans for flooring cars. The dealers entered into the contracts in California, which is also where they paid on the loans. A default judgment against Citrus Heights, California defendant Discount Auto Sales, Inc. was entered for $334, 221 by Judge Gary L. Miller in Marion, Indiana Superior Court (Case # 49D05-0803-CC-010515) on 4/29/2008. Fresno, CA attorney Mark A. Vogt...