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David Mark Marcovitch Complaints & Reviews

David Mark Marcovitch - Ontario, Toronto / neglected case & unresponsive!

Jul 09, 2018

David is incredibly hard to reach AFTER he's taken your money. Did not understand my case in much detail at all... and did not make an attempt to prepare himself in any way. Looks "good" on paper the server you end up receive is far from worth it. Don't even bother! After many frustrating attempts to work with David I cancelled and moved onto someone else. Save yourself the time and frustration and don't use David!

David Mark Marcovitch - Ontario, Toronto / legal services / lawyer

Jun 19, 2018

I hired David Marcovitch, but was extremely dissatisfied right from the start. He was always late to appointments, on occasions did not even show up in court. He was also very difficult to get hold of on the phone or on email, and would take an unreasonable amount of time to get back to me. As soon as I requested a cancellation of my services with him and a refund, he disappeared and would not respond to any calls, texts or email. He literally disappeared with my money! I have since lodged a complaint with the Law Society of Upper Canada and hope to have the matter resolved soon. Avoid David Marcovitch at all costs, as you are likely to experience the same abuse and mistreatment that I have had to endure.