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Daibo SGJ-YD No 3 Yunxiao Road, GuangZhou, SHi Guangdong Complaints & Reviews

Daibo SGJ-YD No 3 Yunxiao Road, GuangZhou, SHi Guangdong / g-star raw dress via now inactive online shop

Dec 12, 2017

Ordered a G-STAR RAW dress for AUS $144.00 from a UK based online shop. Did not get a confirmation email and the website became immediately inactive. Received a parcel 16 days later with a '5 dollar dress' which does not even slightly resemble what has been ordered and it is labeled 'Abercrombie & Fitch'. The sender is as above 'Daibo' from China. The bank luckily refunded the amount. Judging by other complaints about the same company they appear to use several different online shops and seem hard to be identified before the purchase. I am not sure whether there is a way to address this with the Chinese authorities?

Daibo SGJ-YD No 3 Yunxiao Road, GuangZhou, SHi Guangdong / coast designer dress

Sep 11, 2017

I ordered a Coast Dress from believing it was an English site. I googled Albion schools and couldn't find any negative reviews online. The site appeared legitimate, ordered the dress for £38 plus £4 postage. Became suspicious when I received an email stating that the amount on my statement may be more due to the interest rate change. The site stated that they buy overstock from Designers and that the item would be an original. The parcel arrived today from SGJ-YD DaiBo. It doesn't even resemble the dress advertised. It's a shabby rag worth pence! I've since googled DaiBo and found numerous posts about people receiving orders that are a cheap copy of their order!