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Credit Protection Association Complaints & Reviews

Credit Protection Association - Florida, 1418 SE 10th St / wrongful claim

Mar 28, 2011

I cancelled my services at another location for 12/27/10 and attempted to have new service at my new home, however Comcast was not able to perform the install for many inane reasons, so I cancelled service entirly with Comcast. Subsquent I received a refun check from Comcast, and that ended my envolvement with Comcast. I recieved a collection notice from CPA 4 wks ago, contacted Comcast who had no information regarding an issue, and they told me that they would investigate this claim and call back, they have yet to do so. Today I recieved a 2nd notice fro CPA, and am not able to reach anyone...

Credit Protection Association - Texas / dispute of bill


i have tried for the last 3 days to reach them with no luck. i called their 800 number as well as their 972 area code number in dallas. they have a web site which i tied as well however with no 11 digit reference number they will not let me get on.. I apperently owe a bill to them which i need to dispute. can any body help with this matter thanks

Credit Protection Association - California / Clearing Payment on Credit Report


I paid my debt to the Credit Protection Association on 2/2/10 and they debted my checking account the same day. I checked my credit report today and they never cleared they payment!!! UGH i called them and i had to fax in my credit report showing i still owe this amount and the lady said it will take 6 to 8 weeks to be removed.

Credit Protection Association - Wisconsin / bad business


I have a bill with Charter communication for $98. I called and told them I would pay off in full in 1 wk. Within that week I got a report from the credit bureau informing me this was on there. Go figure they couldnt hold out one week?? Since already on my report I made only half the payment. Instead of being credited making a payment on my account on the report they now have put on my credit report a whole new account plus the old account on my credit report. So damn me for making a payment. Now I have to figure out how to get this off my credit report. And these people NEVER answer the phone!!!

Credit Protection Association - Florida / continued harassment


I had Comcast Cable. I returned the equiptment to them on 10/31/09 and got a receipt for it. When my bill came for $44.84 I threw away my receipt for turning in the equiptment. A couple of weeks later I got a different bill from Comcast with the charge of $44.84 + one for $35.31 for "unreturned equiptment". I immediately called and was told they probably inadvertently didn't scan the modem in when I turned it in. After this I got several more letters from a company named Credit Protection Association in Dallas, Texas. I contacted them and sent them a letter stating everything I had...

Credit Protection Association - Texas, Dallas / Reported to the credit bureaus!


I disconnected my cable with time warner cable who i had service with for 15 years because i moved out of the area. i owed them approx $130.00. I get a bill from these people for over $500.00. Yes I did return my boxes. They tell me that I had a contract with them and that I disconnected before my contract was up!!! I am disputing this and was making good faith payments to this collection agency. Theyy promised to keep it off my credit report until it was resolved. Today I checked my credit report and it is on there and not reflecting any payments I made and they even put seriously past due!...

Credit Protection Association - Indiana / wrongful credit reporting/harrassment


After filing bankruptcy and credit protection association recieving notice as well as comcast cable I have been turned over to the 3 major credit reporting agencies as unpaid.Once BANKRUPTCY has been filed it is illegal for creditors to do ANYTHING with your account or do any further reporting on them.I have contacted my attorney on this matter and everyone else should do the same thats had this issue.SHUT THIS COMPANY DOWN.

Credit Protection Association - Illinois, Columbia / Unpaid Balance for Cable Equipment


They keep insisting that I owe Charter Communications for unreturned equipment. I returned the equipment last March. They say now that I owe more than $200 for something I don't have! If I still had it when I needed them to hook my cable back up, they wouldn't have done it. I took the equipment to their Belleville IL office. They gave me a reciept for it. Charter needs to check their books. I'm really tired of this collection agency contacting me through the mail & not sending me to a live person when I call them. They say I have to send proof through snail-mail. This is bull-###!

Credit Protection Association - Kansas, Osage City / Cannot contact anybody


Credit Protection Association contacted me several months ago about a delequent account that I admit I did not pay. Their first attempt to contact me I did call and pay. I attempted to pay this fee online through their site and it kept telling me they had technical issues. The second attempt was through the phone, which was successful, or so I thought. The thing that irritates me the most is when the transaction was said to be made, they gave me a conformation number that was about 60 characters long and since it was automated, there was no way I could keep up with how fast it was being...

Credit Protection Association - Texas, Dallas / False Credit Reporting


This company keeps sending threatening notices no matter how many times I try to explain to them that the cable box they are trying to bill me for was, in fact, picked up in person by the cable guy. Time Warner isn't even sending me bills, but these people just don't care. No phone call or letter seems to slow them down. Merchants should beware being associated with this unethical company. I've never sued anyone in my life but am very close to bringing action against them.

Credit Protection Association - Colorado, Broomfield / False credit reporting!


For just over 4 years Credit Protection Assoc, of Dallas, TX, has maintained a report on my credit that I paid a collection to them for AT&T Broadband, at an address in southwest Denver, CO, that I never lived at. (2621 South Knox Ct.). Comcast, which bought out AT&T Broadband, has submitted a letter to the collector informing them that I never had service at that address, and that I did not have a past-due account with either cable company during the time frame alleged. I have also requested in writing proof that I paid this collection and the requested proof has been denied me...

Credit Protection Association - Texas, Dallas / Harassment!


I wrote this company thru my Attorney telling them that I did not owe this bill of $47.54. They continue send me notice of intent to sue me and let me know that it will appear on my Credit Report. The Attorney was very clear and demanded them to "Cease and Desist". However they do not! They think they are above the law.

Credit Protection Association / Unable to contact the company


I recently got a copy of my credit report and to my surprise i have a collection on there for $500! For the past 5 days I have been trying to get in contact with this company, based out of TX, and all I get is a recording telling me that they are experiencing high volumes of calls and to call back later!!! What kind of crap is that. It has been 5 days and nothing! I am just a little pissed!