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CPS Complaints & Reviews

CPS - Kentucky, Louisville / cps corruption

Apr 12, 2018

I would've said that I have a story that no one could ever believe unless you have lived it but, chances are if you got here the same way I did, you're living or have lived something similar. I can't sit here and tell all, it would end up the size of a full novel, but I will tell you this: my entire family, as well as, extended family have been mistreated and abused by the Family Courts and associated workers headed by, none other than, the evil CPS crew. I will also clarify that I know there are CPS workers whom truly mean well, but they are so much fewer than the corrupted worker and to...

CPS - Texas, Bedford / Monet Taylor

Apr 13, 2016

This woman came to my home. She was nice until she was done. I took a mouth swab and passed. I did the saftey plan even though I refuse to work with them any longer. Because she tells me one thing like withhold the child. And now they pretend they are on everyone's side me and my ex the father had just got thing working and she is no longer on the case. Molly CPS manager is doing the same. I am not a threat I physically raised my 5year old. I should not have to jump through hoops to be with my child that I raised. If they really wanted to help they would stop telling lies and manipulating both...

CPS - Arizona, Phoenix / injured my son and falsified information

Jul 09, 2015

my Indian child welfare act rights/icwa was violated I told cps to put him in a Indian home and they told me no and that's one of my rights, another they violated was my medical card they accused me of being a marijuana addict but I showed them proof of my medical marijuana card  that I take only for chronic back pain and they still used that against me and I showed proof of that to. cps abused my son I saw bruises with blood on my son's legs and when I touched his legs to see what was wrong he would cry I took pictures and showed the judge and told cps that he is being abused...

CPS - Texas, San Antonio / did not identify themselves

May 09, 2013

REceived a phone call from a man who wanted me to give him 511.00 over the phone. When I asked for verification of the debt he refused and said it would be put on my credit report. I said if I owed the debt I would be happy to pay $100 a month until paid however he had to verify for me who he was due to identify theft he proceeded to hang up. I had asked for address/website and wanted to know who they were and where they were located and he refused. I then waited a week and called back got the same man who hung up on me and would not verify the info. I then called back and pusht he prompt for...

CPS - West Virginia, Elkins / cps took my daughter for being legally prescribed to a certain drug also the case worker knew me for years and didn't like me for her own reasons

Apr 12, 2013

hi, I am 25 yrs. old. my daughter is 5 almost 6. I am prescribed subutex through my doctor because of a car accident that they had me on many narcotics for a long while, when I asked to be taken off they said I would experience with drawl an to help they prescribed me the subutex. everything was fine until my mother an father died then a cps worker that has known me my entire life go a case started an took my little girl, my charge in court is just for subutex even though they tested for a year an got no other drug they won't give me my daughter. I live in west Virginia, can they do this?...

CPS - Georgia / Rude and so unprofessional

Nov 02, 2012

I thought that i was the only person being harassed by this company, but i see I'm not. They call my job and leave messages on the answering machine telling everyone that my payment is late. If you take time out to talk to them they talk to you like you are nothing. I will never advise anyone to do any dealing with this company. I have never been treated this way in my whole life. After talking to them i have to take some time to just go cool down and get back focused again. There has to be some type of law against the way they share your business with anyone they talk to. I have had them...

CPS - Texas, San Antonio / LIAR LIAR

May 08, 2012

some people do deserve to have CPS in there lives and some dont and i was one of the ones that didnt deserve it nor this person they lie i have 2 kids a 3 and a 2 r old i was in cps as a minor and my caseworker (the one that is suppose to help you) said to me "that she didnt believe in me that i wasnt capable of doin nything for myself that i wasnt going to be anything and that i wasnt gonna make it and i was going to go home alone wihout my kids " they had me doing anger management parenting counselling court and schiool it was very hard all these things were a weekly thing they expected mme...

CPS - Kentucky, Louisville / CPS

Oct 18, 2011

On June 26, 2011 my childrens father called me stating that he was going to kill my kids and come find me to do the same. After calling the police and getting no results I went to file for emergency custody. I recieved another phone call stating if I didn't come get them I'd never see them. Fearing for them I went to my trailer where I was let in by his friend. When I went to get my kids, they were in bed with him.As I went to pick my son up, dad swung at me burning our son with a cigarette. I picked my son up & ran outside. CPS says that I burnt my son & threw him into car, which i...

CPS - Texas, Laredo / Illegal Adoption

Sep 04, 2011

When given a restraining order, police are advised to keep said person away from the person or family as needed. Unfortunately, my father hasn't been arrested for all he has done since the restraining order was placed on him. He is constantly being at my house, stalking my self and siblings, and threatening my mother. Now he has taken it a step further. He has placed myself and my siblings for adoption, and yes we are currently in a new home. WHY WAS THIS ALLOWED!!! Why are we still in a strange home, with a new "mother and father", away from all our friends, a new school, and having to...

CPS - New York, tompkins county / my children

Jun 19, 2011

the cps been at our home found nothing wrong on a few misleading and false reports and then when my children were at family members 2 days later come and took them, we have not seen nor can we get ahold of them the cps have served us nothing stating why or what is going on

CPS / Unprofessional conduct/threats

Mar 09, 2011

I lost my job about 8 months, and ihad gotten behind almost 2 months on my car payment. I was able to get caught up. However when my unemployment ran out, I was behind like 35 days on my payment. I received a restricted call on my cell, when my sister anwered the phone, this man, who would not give her his name, started screaming at her, calling her my name, and yelling at her that he was tired of playing games, and saying pay a payment today or the car is ours tonight, and we will not give it back, and cursing, yes cursing, at her!!! I tried to call the company back and speak to a supervisor...

CPS - Indiana, North Vernon / Kidnapping

Jan 18, 2011

I have to completely agree with the Fact that they are proffesional baby(kid) nappers.. Here is my story and any help would be greatly appreciated.. I am a mother of three boys and left a widow on Jan 14, 2009 by my husband of 24 years at age 39. I had never been in trouble for anything in my whole life. Not only did I loose my partner in life I found out also that year that I have coranary artery desease and had to have open heart surgery, a 5-way by pass. Along with a list of diagnoses like Diabetes, hypertension, thyroid desease and depression along with a few more.. Now with that being...

CPS - Virginia, Fredericksburg / OUR SON OUR LIVES


Hello my name is Andre Burrell and we are in need of help and prayer. We are being treated unfairly by Child Protective Services. They took our son without giving us the right to let him go to a family member first. Our amendments were violated as well as our rights. I took our son to the doctors for a fever they did not check him for what I bought him in there for. They sent us to the hospital with a sealed envelope an said don’t open it it’s for the doctors only he was in there two days never checked him for what i asked them too. CPS came in and said we are taking your child into...



These people are the rudest of rude you try to do the right thing and explain to them that you are having a diffcult time and want to set up a payment plan and all they do is yell at you and tell you you are going to lose you car after having loans with them for 10 years now been on time and paid more then what was due. I will never do business with them again.What a pathetic company.

CPS - Maryland, Baltimore / Harassment


CPS collection reps are so rude. They called me looking for a payment I made arrangement for one post dated check, then the rep told me I had to set up another one because I was late. I told her I would have to call back because I wasn't sure when I do that. I told the rep I would call back on the 30th to set another one up, she told me she was setting one up for the 30th with the previous back info I had giving her. I asked her not to do that and she told me it was to late and she hung up. I tried numerous times to call back to talk to a supervisor but was unsuccessful. I finally got in...

CPS - Texas, Laredo / Nephews physically hurt


My nephews have been getting physically, mentally and verbally abused by their mother. My nephew told my brother that his mom was trying to drown him in a bath tub, that she fist hit his sibling on the back, she and her boyfriend locked the 4 year old in a closet for a day and she hit and screamed bad words to the two other kids because they were complaining of being hungry and thirsty. So, my brother decides to call the cops, get a lawyer and call CPS. The cops apparently made a report of child abandonment, (because she left all five kids downtown at my mothers store, turned around and left...



I was in a case with cps due to having physical altercations with my husband and my child was in the home. Cps said she had to leave the home and so she went with my mother in law. keep in mind nothing is through the courts! they take a month to get us a worker that would work our case. Our worker gave us a list on things we needed to do, drug and alcohol assessment psychological and psychiatric evaluations (my mother in law has personal issues with me and my family so she reported i was falsely bipolar) also parenting classes and family and individual therapy. I passed the drug and alcohol...

CPS / CPS Apparently Does not follow its onw rules


Apparently CPS can make the rules that everyone else has to follow except when it comes to them. We had a foster child in our home that went off to camp and broke his leg while at camp and they wrapped it and gave him some crutches, then called us and stated that they were bringing him home that way and we should take him to the emergency room when they get here in five to six hours. If we were to do this, we would be charged with medical neglect and lose our license, but apprently since they are CPS they do not have to follow the same rules we do. They should have immediately taken this child to the ER for x-rays.

CPS - Texas, Odessa / Obtaining custody using fraud and intimidation


Page 1 of the 15 page document INVESTIGATION REPORT Medina, Hector S Shinsako, Jennifer A ECTOR 2525 N GRANDVIEW, STE ODESSA, TX 79761-1600 Intake Narrative Document worker The Reagan Sheriffs Department got a call about a vehicle that ran into a deer. The Police officer could not look up the people in the car. The PO looked them up when he got back to the station and found out that the OV(16 yo f) was a run away. The PO then was able to pull the car over a second time and detain the OV. The PD made contact with the MO. The'MO stated that she does not have reliable transportation to pick...

CPS - Texas / where are the parents rights??


My stepson's biological mother has had CPS called on her for drug use, and rightfully so. This is not what upsets me. What upsets me is the fact that my husband and I were not notified about the call or the open case on her or about the court date where they decided to place our 10 year old into foster care because they could not locate any family members to take him. We were notified about the situation 1 day too late. We are now having to hire an attorney to get our son out of foster care and wait for weeks before we can even set up a date to have SUPERVISED VISITATION with OUR SON!! Where are the rights here