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Covenant Eyes Complaints & Reviews

Covenant Eyes / Can't Close the Account

Aug 20, 2015

I got the Promise Keepers App in May because I went to PK years ago and I was wondering if they were still active. It was my first time using the App, and I clicked on the Covenant Eyes link thinking it was part of Promise Keepers. I set up a username/password acct for a 30 day trial, but when I realized it was something different and cost money, I closed the app and never downloaded their software. I've never used the service, never downloaded the software on my computer, phone, etc. Then I noticed a $13.99 charge on my credit card statement one month and went back and noticed the same charge...

Covenant Eyes / My suggestion is to be careful with this company

Feb 07, 2012

This site tracks internet behavior to help you stay away from porn. I became unhappy because they reported to my accountability partner that my activity should be reviewed when my activity was quite appropriate. This embarrassed me repeatedly and unnecessarily. I told them to end my membership. Only after a few communications they said I could have changed the rating type I had. I still was displeased and told them again to stop my membership. Last night they shut down my access to the internet and will not connect me again. I have early stage dementia and cannot do what is to me a highly...