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Courts Mammoth Malaysia Complaints & Reviews

Courts Mammoth Malaysia / Rude behavior

Jan 9, 2017

i would like to share a very disappointment experience with courts mammoth m'sia. I bought some electrical devices and sign-on for a 2 years installment plan, this would be my last installment year as of 2017. I defaulted 4months payment due some financial difficulties and their collection dept keep texting me with a invalid number which no one pickup the call. And in the end Courts bring this matter to a very rude lawyer (016-8675146 Sulaiman lawyer firm) to threaten me that if i do not pay up the full amount, me and brother (which i put as a reference only) will be blacklisted and face necessary...

Courts Mammoth Malaysia / false informations

Nov 29, 2013

recently, i go to courts mammoth matang branch which is in Kuching Sarawak.. and been promoted about cashback..which is when i buy up to certain amount..i can be received cashback up to RM10k..i managed to certain amount which let me received RM 3200..and been told will be received in 2-3 days working day..however..until now i dont received any notification about it..yet courts also havent gave my free accessories which came with the product i buy because they say out of stock..then today i call the courts..and asked them about cashback..the staff which b***** sound said that the cashback will...

Courts Mammoth Malaysia / bad service

Feb 5, 2012

beberapa tahun lalu, bercadang nk beli almari baju di premis courts di ipoh. setelah memilih dan bersetuju dgn pembelian, pulang ke rumah dan menanti penghantaran seperti yg di janjikan. dari sehari ke sehari hingga berminggu-minggu tiada sebarang penghantaran diterima. setiap kali panggilan ke premis dibuat jawapan yg diberi, 'tunggu masih diproses' sehingga akhirnya jemu menunggu dan tak ambil peduli lagi. selepas beberapa bulan, telah terima 1 surat peringatan utk kelewatan pembayaran dari premis utk barang yg langsung tidak diterima! pengaduan dibuat di premis yg sama dan menurut...