SUBMIT A COMPLAINT Complaints & Reviews Sorted by Most Reviews / Wrong company took my money, but this scam didn't communicate with me

Aug 23, 2014

I ordered comics from the website I got confirmation info from completely different company, and I was anxious about it. So I went to this website and tried to contact the rep, but the phone number was fault or they simply switched the phone off. I have no idea, but I have no possibility to speak with these scammers. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Can you provide any good piece of advice? / It really DOESN'T get much worse than this place

Oct 08, 2012

I make it a point to give a business the benefit of the doubt until I personally inspect and evaluate an item I've purchased from said company. It really DOESN'T get much worse than this place. I'm almost convinced that every cosplay site in China is just linked to every other one in some giant factory. And the actual truth to the matter is that over in Asia, gold farming in online games, cheap sales scams, and mass cosplay sites over there are literally the equivalent to an American working at McDonald's. It's how they pay for college sometimes, as well. OTHER... / This site is totally a nightmare

May 27, 2012

This site is totally a nightmare! got my costume after 1.5months of waiting, emailing them for many times without much responds keep telling me there is delay on making the costume. okie, now I got it and it don't look like the picture shown on their site! the material and cloth used are very cheap and bad quality. this is horrible and I want a refund that they said there will be a refund guarantee. i emailed them and they said there is no refund for used costume! I never used it! stay away and this is terrible! they are a scam, and don't buy from them!