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Cooke The Ice Man Complaints & Reviews

Cooke The Ice Man - Virginia, Fredericksburg / scam - credit card fraud

BetterServiceBureauBSB on Jan 19, 2018

Cooke the Ice Man is a SCAM! The YouTube videos he posts are actually of legitimate genuine diamond watches, stolen from a real Jeweler's youtube channel, then he placed his stupid water mark saying Cooke the Ice Man - all in order to bait people and then the price too. He claims to sell Lab Diamond watches, but what he actually is sending is a $90 fake watch from China. What what is worse, what he actually does, is automatic bill you every month for the amount you paid, every month for months and months he charges you. All the views on his YouTube channels are fake, the comments are fake...

Cooke The Ice Man - Virginia, Fredericksburg / fraud alert: - ryan cooke - cooke the ice man

BetterBusinessBBB on Jan 19, 2018

Ryan Cooke is a scammer Do not give this loser your credit card details over text message or any way he will ask He is a known online fraudster stealing peoples credit cards and then automatic billing them for months You been warned!!! Don't believe the fake comments on his YouTube channel, anyone can do that. It is all fake and a way to trick people to give him their credit cards... then you will never receive the goods and you will be billed automatically for months, every month, that is his whole entire scam! you been warned stay away!!

Cooke The Ice Man - Virginia, Fredericksburg / *fraud alert

romanANDERSONn on Jan 18, 2018

This website is a scam, processes wrong orders, never sends the orders, it steals your credit card number and continuously processes payments with it. Its been over a year since I ordered something from this website (never got it) and I still get charges on my credit card from it. There is no customer support, no one replies, it is a scam Do not give them your credit card number!!! Website belongs to a known felon ryan cooke, also known as cooke the ice man