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Consumer Direct Warranty Services Complaints & Reviews

Consumer Direct Warranty Services / driver seat side cover

Feb 20, 2019

Hi there, I had few issues after I have purchased triton limited edition in 2017. First it was the driver seat side cover are broken with the diver weight 80kg and below, so I file a complaint during first service and they took times to replaced new one. Then it was broken again, and I file the complaint during second car service and they replaced new one and it broken again. I did file a complaint till now 2019 still sitting on the broken seat cover. Is the warranty a gimmick? Beside the seat cover, the amazing part was I pay more for the model with cover but the lock was jam on the day to my...

Consumer Direct Warranty Services - Georgia, Stone Mountain / customer service, possible fraud

Jul 31, 2011

I purchased a extended warranty on my 2003 ford explorer back in february 2009 when my dealership warranty expired. The company sold me the warranty over the phone and I was hesitant, but I thought it may be a good investment. I paid a bit of money and paid mepco off. Iasked for a letter verifying final payment and I was told they do not send letters out. I never used the warranty service on the jeep at all because al of the issues I had were not on the list of covered items. I recently wrecked the ford explorer and so I purchased a used car a few months ago. I have called mepco to find out...

Consumer Direct Warranty Services - California, Redding 960492727 / extened warranty

Mar 24, 2011

This company (C D W S) Consumer Direct Warranty Services kept calling me acting like they were from Volkswagen Jetta selling extened insurance for my Jetta so I paid 2000 on my visa card when I took my car in for service I was denied so I called (CDWS) to cancel my warranty they sent me my canceled notice in the mail but I have yet to get my 2000 back and to top it off I am still not covered I have also sent a certified letter to the billing Dept. Attn. Billing Dept. 25910 Acero Suite 200 Mission Viejo, Ca. 92691 a 2nd time on 4/17/2009 and on 4/21/2009 still have letter unopen with stamps and dates HOW DO I GET MY MONEY BACK!!!

Consumer Direct Warranty Services - California, Irvine / claims denied


I purchased the warranty on 4/15/2008 and had not used it until recently. I have had two claims denied regarding airconditioning to my 2007 tahoe. The warranty manual states the problem is covered but the company has denied the claim. They stated the reason for not covering the air condition problem was due to the size of my tires, which are factory tires. They requested a picture of the vin # and tire size, which we sent. The return email from the company had no leg to stand on when it came to the tires. So, the next email is now requesting copies of maintenance services, once jiffy lube sent...

Consumer Direct Warranty Services / auto warranty refund


Why does it take so long to get it cancelled, when it was credited within minutes? Now I'm paying extra, on interest rates on my c card!

Consumer Direct Warranty Services / fraud


Took my 2003 dodge truck that had this warranty services to my local dodge dealer to have the noise in the rear end check out and they told me that the penning bearrinng was out so called the C.D.W.S and they turn me down because the services department did not state that the parts was not broken the bearring was turn out so because it was not stated broken it was not cover but the part was warnout but it cost me out of my pockett 801.00 if you get acall from them rember that it must be broken to bo under the warranty not warn out

Consumer Direct Warranty Services - California, Sacramento / warranty scam


Vehicle services inc who sells consumer direct warranty services called me and sent me postcards a dozen times because my original extended warranty was expiring. Represented themselves as working with the dealerships, sold me a warranty that is in fact useless because they will not honor what they claim they cover. Everything is "worn" not broken. My waterpump leaks and it is "worn" regardless of the age. The dealership said that they never cover anything. When called for authorization, they always turn down the claim stating it is worn not broken. When I purchased this warranty I was told...

Consumer Direct Warranty Services - Louisiana, Baton Rouge / they lied and kicked me to the curb


They called me about 3 yrs ago and said they represented extended warranty coverage for our car. That our original coverage had just run out. They said they covered certain major parts of my engine and if there would be any problems, they would pay for services, to have it fixed. I've made payments every month and have never missed not one of them. I took my car in to be fixed due to some knocking coming from my engine, now they tell me, their not reliable to cover payments to have it fixed because it was due to ware and tear from driving my car. which they never told me this in our orininal...