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Clearwater Cylinder Head Complaints & Reviews

Clearwater Cylinder Head - Florida, Clearwater / HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

Jan 11, 2011

I have a really HUGE complaint about clearwater cylinder heads also. I ordered a head from them... put in on the car, started it and realized its not the head that needs to be fixed, its the block. So we took if off and boxed it back up to send it back and called them to let them know it was THEIR part I was sending back, not the original off the car. They said I couldnt return it because we started the car with it on. NO WHERE ON THEIR WEBSITE OR ON THE RECIEPT did it say you can not return the part if you started the car. It was on the car for a total of 2 minutes. I spoke with BOB, the...

Clearwater Cylinder Head - Florida, Clearwater / Did not honor guarantee


In early 2009, my mechanic sent my BMW M6 head to Clearwater Cylinder Heads (CCH) for repair/reconditioning. When it was returned, several of the new valves turned out to be the wrong ones. Unfortunately, this was not discovered until the engine had been put back together and was having its valves adjusted. So my mechanic had to pull the head off, order the correct valves from BMW, have the seats reground, and replace the head. Although Clearwater claims to "guarantee" their work for one year, they would neither correct the situation nor pay my mechanic for the cost of their mistake. Buyer beware of CCH!!