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Cecil Justice Complaints & Reviews

Cecil Justice - Texas / Fraudster

May 12, 2011

Its been a few years and I am still fighting a legal battle with Cecil Justice (CJ) of Watauga texas. He should be treated like a criminal. He is currently using an attorney - Mac Ed Swindle. His trick - when a trial date is near, his attorney would call to make a fake deal to postpone the trial date. If anyone lends CJ money, be it an individual, mortgage company or a bank, it is rest assured, the money is not coming back. BEWARE guys - CJ and his attorney Mac Ed Swindle are both crooks of the first order. It is a question of time before he is put behind the bars for good or he will end up on the streets sleeping with the wolves.

Cecil Justice - Texas / Fraud


Cecil Justice, Watauga, Texas is an all-time pro in cheating. I lent him money, he drafted a contract and is now dodging the law. He was once the CEO of a thriving Oil company. His previous company's name was "Brighton Roth Financial, LLC". Beware of this guy - he is an expert at fraud and deceptive practices. He looks sharp, very well dressed (expensive clothes), has a little french beard. He is currently being sued by many people who have invested with him.