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Cash For Electronic Scrap Complaints & Reviews

Cash For Electronic Scrap - Massachusetts, Sharon / Rip Off

Jul 07, 2016

I sent Cash For Electronic Scrap USA well over 25 lbs of motherboards, telecomm boards, etc. and all I got was a check for a little over $5. Even after factoring in prepaid shipping, I still should have received more. I made a YouTube video concerning my grievances and after receiving a few hundred views, C.F.E.S.USA forced YouTube to remove my video. AVOID THESE CON ARTISTS AT ALL COST!!!

Cash For Electronic Scrap - Massachusetts, Sharon / Suspicious company with busy agents

Apr 03, 2014

I wanted to sell my computer to the company Cash For Electronic Scrap USA, but after several days I changed my mind, because the agent behaved really strange. I contacted them and asked to provide info about them, but all agents were suddenly busy. I tried later and asked how and when they would pick up the computer, but the agents again refused to speak with me. They didn’t provide any info, and I want to warn other people. They try to scam and took unnecessary electronics from you, but they refuse to provide info and money.