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Caribbean Cruise Line Complaints & Reviews

Caribbean Cruise Line / Cruise package

May 2, 2017

I purchased from a close friend of mine a package that she was not able to use for cruise through Caribbean cruise line. I paid $250 to her for the package then put another $800+ into this package. Someone brought to my attention that this was part of a big scam. I spoke with someone at this "company about getting a refund which they denied full refund but only partial. I am not interested in taking thjs trip at all after fully investigating this company and all the lawsuits they have against them as well as their Bbb rating. I am looking to be reimbursed for all the money I have put into thi...

Caribbean Cruise Line - Florida, Fort Lauderdale / Office closed. Cannot redeem cruise

Mar 26, 2017

On 3-10-11 I spoke to a Jennifer in the Confirmation Dept to verify that I had received my reservation letter #BZ082712-090 under SHERRI KROEGER. She gave me a confirmation number KZ031011-087BRZ. I paid a $1000.00 for the "free" trip and upgrades Login:KZ031011 password:66314 Trip was good thru 9/9/2012 On July 27, 2012 U received another call that my trip was about to expire and I must renew and upgrade so I paid another $1000.00 In 2014 ( I didn't write down the date) I received another call saying my Cruise was about to expire and I would lose everything...

Caribbean Cruise Line - Florida, Fort Lauderdale / Cruse package needed to be refund.

Jan 6, 2016

I purchased the tour package of 2. I asked them to refund my money due to my job lost and could not afford to go to the vacation. They told me to sell this package to someone I know. I did not wanted to go through this hassle any ways. So I asked for the refund, and the reply was my package is expired and need to extended for another year by paying them another $80 per package. I request to cancel my vacation and refund my money but they told me the money is not refundable...! I am really frustrated. I don't know what to do? The package does not even mentioned about any expiration date...

Caribbean Cruise Line - Florida, Fort Lauderdale / Sales Fraud

Dec 9, 2014

The travel agency is still at it ripping consumers off although they have thousands of BBB complaints and lawsuits. I am now one of many thousands that has joined the victim. My trouble started in 2013 when I had the unfortunate pleasure of receiving a phone call from a well trained Caribbean Cruise Lines sales representative. The representative was extremely friendly and the sales pitch had me smiling from ear to ear I thought what a great vacation opportunity at a great price wow I’m out of here! I explained to the sales rep my fear of purchasing pre paid vacations from program...

Caribbean Cruise Line - Florida, Fort Lauderdale / Officially classified as a scam

Mar 11, 2013

Please review website in desktop version only. Finally, someone went on a fact finding mission. CARIBBEAN CRUISE LINE is a SCAM. CONFIRMED!!! Company owners operate by flooding the masses with promises they can't keep. 20 year history of ripping off people. Weeks of research contained within. One of a kind scam finder website for CCL.

Caribbean Cruise Line - Florida, Fort Lauderdale / Refund of Money

Jun 19, 2012

I paid on a vacation to Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando Fla. Included was a 2 night cruise to the Bahamas plus 2 other trips, bonus getaways to be taken later. Somehow they had me booked for the trip on Jan.30th, 2012. I didn't know this. I called about my vacation package just recently and was told it had been cancelled, by the cruise line. I asked about my $208.00 I was told no refund or pay $300 plus to keep the vacation and get it extended. I want my $208.00 back! Bobbie K. Misso

Caribbean Cruise Line - Minnesota / Refusing to return refund

May 13, 2012

After reading a large number of complaints concerning the above company, I decided to cancel my trip or reservation. Now this company states that it will not return my deposit due to some taped message and their cancellation policy despite being told differnetly by a business agent that I could get my deposit back anytime, if I decide to cancel my reservation.

Caribbean Cruise Line / Doesn't refund when it's their fault

Feb 29, 2012

Carribean Cruise Line offers packages when you order products such as Sensa etc.They offered me a carribean package and offered an additional Las Vegas hotel package for additional money. I purchased the package and was ready to take the Las Vegas portion of my vacation, gave the 60 Day advanced notice and was on my way right? WRONG. I had to pay an additional $50 to check in on a Friday. Not too bad, then the day I am to leave for my trip I call to confirm, guess what no reservation. I am to be in vegas in 4 hours and no room. The hotel on the strip that I paid for had no reservation for me...

Caribbean Cruise Line - Florida, Pompano Beach / Took my money

Feb 28, 2012

Took my $300 .oo and offered me another trip for $ 976. 00 more . Dont ever use there services. Why they th ink this is a god deal...I have no idea.!!! .

Caribbean Cruise Line - Illinois / cruise vacation purchase

Jan 3, 2012

After I made a purchase over the phone, I was told I was selected to get a special deal on a cruise vacation. I never even listen to those kinds of deals, but my family and I were wanting to try a cruise. I listened to it, asked questions, and it did not sound too bad. for $915.00 the four of us could have a couple of days in Ft. Lauderdale, cruise to the Bahamas, stay a couple of days come back to fla and stay in Orlando for a few more days with a rental car included. The only other charge I would incur she said, was $59.00 for each of my kids when I booked for port fees. Fair enough, I...

Caribbean Cruise Line - Florida, Fort Lauderdale / Refund

Nov 12, 2011

My Boyfriend was awarded a 2 day cruise for completing an online survey. He received a phone call from one of their representatives about the details of the cruise. He does not have a credit card, so he passed the phone to me because I was the credit card holder and wanted to hear the details of the trip myself. The sales rep told me that in order to receive this vacation, we had to pay a port fee for both of us, of $118. So i gave my approval and information. Afterward, the representative informed me that there would be extra charges (such as flights, etc) that we would incur, which then made...

Caribbean Cruise Line - Florida, Fort Lauderdale / How to Get Refund

Jul 15, 2011

If you have been suckered into buying a travel voucher from this company, as I was, and would like a refund, here is how to go about getting a refund: 1. Send a written request via USPS certified mail for a FULL refund of the exact amount that you paid. In return, say that you will gladly have CCL cancel your vacation voucher(s). 2. Fill out an online complaint, including a request for a FULL refund, to the Better Business Bureau of Fort Lauderdale. The Better Business Bureau will immediately send your complaint to CCL, who will have 30 days to reply. You will receive a confirmation that your...

Caribbean Cruise Line / Scam vacation, misrepresentation of offers

May 3, 2011

We have had our vacation planned for over 18 months and finally got our itinerary. They refuse to send it to you sooner that 14 days before vacation because of the misrepresentation of the travel provisions and the added charges required on the stay. Our trip was to begin in Fort Lauderdale, FL at a Ramada Inn on the beach-which turned in to a Ramada Inn in Tamarac, FL-15 minutes from the beach. Being a member of the BBB bureau, we have not found this vacation package. These people are "quick take artists" and might as well be pick pocket specialists. The additional charges just keep coming. I...

Caribbean Cruise Line - Georgia, Thomasville / DISGUSTING AND UNPLEASED!

Apr 5, 2011

DON'T DO IT. My husband and I bought this cruise package for $498.00 in monthly installments and then paid the $198.00 port fee when we traveled for the first time with Caribbean cruise line. The rooms had soiled bed linens, spiders, mold, hair, and cracked foundations and we were only refunded $198.00. This was the first and last trip we are ever going to take with caribbean cruise line and wanted to know how would I get part of the $498.00 back or does anyone have the CORPORATE NUMBER FOR CARIBBEAN CRUISE LINE?

Caribbean Cruise Line / False Advertising


I received a "Free Cruise Voucher" in the mail today from Caribbean Cruise Line. Their first mistake. I never "win" anything like that and I don't get "selected to participate in" anything but surveys and scams, so I was already skeptical, but there was still a glimmer of hope. I checked them out with the BBB and guess what? They are not supported, reccomended, or "insert positive comment here". Next I went to the web so see if anyone else had been taken advantage of by this scam. Sure enough, the complaint board was filled to bursting with stories of people who had called the number to...

Caribbean Cruise Line - Florida, Pompano Beach / Lousy cruise


I went on this cruise with my 78 y/o mother and sister. Our memorable pictures sucked, we coundnt uase a curling iron, rooms were very small and i paid for up-grades thru out our planning. We were herded like cattle, when we used the rest room we coundnt flush toliet papper no matter what was on it, the crew was to empty trash twice a day, our room smelled of bm.Room sevice we tried 4 timesw. Once i was told at 5am i couldnt get anything till 6am, other time all we got was towels which they wanted you to reuse.Coudnt recharge your phone, they stated water was free but unless you drank the tap...

Caribbean Cruise Line - Florida / SCAM -- sKam


First off I'm an experienced cruiser mostly with the legitimate cruise line ROYAL Caribbean Cruise Line, underscore the word ROYAL. They are for real, legitimate and ethical -- FIVE STARS FOR SALES AND SERVICE (RCCL). The outfit calling itself Caribbean Cruise Line is phony baloney with one heck of an advertising budget! I live in the Washington, DC area where during the fall, 2009 CCL ran enticing television commercials for free three day Bahamas cruises, a contest, I WON!!! WHOOPIE DOO!!! I smelled a decaying rat and I was right. But I played along! They called incessantly == Thank the...

Caribbean Cruise Line - Mississippi / Total Scam!


So this company calls my boyfriend the other day saying, "Hey! You've won a free 5 day cruise!". They don't give him any details about the cruise other than it goes to the Bahamas and that we can take the cruise from now up to 18 months. He tells them that neither he nor I have enrolled or registered to win a "free cruise" anytime soon. They tell him they will call back in 2 days. A week or so later they call him back to book the cruise (which once again they have given little information except for the fact that its in the Bahamas). They informed him that he need to only spend 50...

Caribbean Cruise Line - Florida, Ft Lauderdale / scam


My wife recieved this cruise voucher in the mail and it promised a $1300 value cruise package. Well it ended up being $799 plus they took $399 out of our account right away when it was supposed to be billed later. I was very upset and called the company back, they would not talk to me but only my wife about the issue and only refunded $300 of the $399 to put the "fantasy vacation" on hold. I tried numerous times to get the manager or lead person but to no avail. So now we are still out $99 and frustrated to the limit.

Caribbean Cruise Line / Scam charges


Received a Free Cruise Voucher for Caribbean Cruise Line and listened to entire pitch about the cruise and stay in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, Nassau Bahamas and stay in Orlando Florida and Las Vegas NV for the future. After saying how great that would be I was told it would all be $899.00 plus $99.00 a piece for port taxes per person I asked what happened to the FREE cruise and was told that the cruise was but the hotels and such were not. Since my husband has a kidney disease that is eventually fatal I fell for the whole thing wanting to take him on a short trip away from home but realized after...