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care for life charitable trust Complaints & Reviews

care for life charitable trust / Unethical Behaviour

Jun 23, 2016

Date of Incident : [protected] Call from: [protected] Called to :[protected] Some representative called asking for Help for the operation of 5 year boy suffering from cancer. He asked for permission t speak and when given started explaining the gory details of cancer. I told him that I was not interested in listening to these details. Then this guy starts bad mouthing me saying" don't you have children in your home and what not..." People from cry also call asking for donation. But the don't speak like this. Ruchika Bajaj

care for life charitable trust / fraud ngo

Apr 22, 2015

Care for life charitable trust person calls to my number for a help for operation.They are just chasing down like anything for money. They must have given me at least 15 sms and called 10 to 12 times. On verification from the web site I came to know it is a fraud NGO and pestering people for money. Many people have been duped in the name of urgent medical help. Fully fraud NGO.