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Canadian Health & Care Mall Complaints & Reviews

Canadian Health & Care Mall / Spamming by the Hundreds

Nov 10, 2013

I called and got a Indian sounding guy. He is trying to blame all the unwanted spam emails on other companies doing it to give them a bad reputation . BS. I think the public need to address this company and pool our information to get there address and peoples names there who own or run it and go there and shoot every damn one working there. If you have the information that I can verify, please send it and I will take care of the ### myself. If what it takes is to kill a few at each company, so be it. Also like to kill off the advertisers who are doing the spamming. They are no doubt computer...

Canadian Health & Care Mall - Texas, Austin / Hacking email accounts

Sep 23, 2011

I have been receiving spam like email from my mothers hotmail account providing a link to this company selling Viagra and other drugs... My mother passed away four months ago. This is disturbing to me, and heart breaking when I receive an email from my mother...with a link to a site that is nothing but a huge scam. Apparently someone has hacked in sending spam on her behalf to people she doesnt even know. I will up channel this is high as I can go. These type of companies have gone too far...

Canadian Health & Care Mall / Tried to rip me off

May 20, 2011

I should have looked here first like I have done before but this is how they work. They hack into someones email and send you an email from "your friend" saying that this company is a great buy and you should try it. I placed the order and just the minute I submitted it I got a bad feeling then I checked here to find it was a bogus company. I immediately tried to cancel my order, they were lightening fast and told me the order shipped already. Yeah right. I gathered all the info and reported it to my credit card company and they handled it from there. I got a charge back on my account. but that i...

Canadian Health & Care Mall - Ohio / Stealing Contacts names & emails

Mar 13, 2011

I never heard of this site, I clicked on a friends email, it was sending me viagra info (im female, dont need it) so I thought it was a joke, called her, she denied it. A few wks later, i get 1 from me to me, Hmm, I thought, lets see, it was the same crap. I have repeatedly tried 2 get them 2 Unsubscribe me, but not yet, this is starting 2 affect me mentally, can I sue them?

Canadian Health & Care Mall - Oregon, Portland / Email Identity theft

Mar 11, 2011

This company has been hacking into my email contacts and sending advertisements for Viagra and other pills. What they do is attach my name to it and send the email as if I had sent it. I am nowhere near the computer when they are sent out and when I look at my sent emails it does not show up. This has happened numerous times and is sent to all of my email contacts. legal action needs to be taken to stop these a**holes! It is embarrassing since it is sent to my family members, coworkers and in laws. Please help in stopping this nonsense. thank you, Camelia Kelly

Canadian Health & Care Mall - North Carolina / Intrusion of Privacy

Feb 26, 2011

I recieved an E mail this morning from my wife (supposedly) which was a link to the Canadian Health&Care mall, and asked her about it because I have been with her since yesterday and know she has not been on her computer, so I went to fraud reporting sites and found a lot of similar situations. These people are stealing our adress books and sending out E-mails in our names. This needs to stop. Also a lot of other people on the fraud reporting sites say they were taken for their money by this "company".

Canadian Health & Care Mall / Hacked My Gmail Account Through My I-Phone

Feb 17, 2011

On February 16, 2011 at about 11:30 a.m. I received a text message from an unknown source on my I-Phone. I use gmail and my gmail contacts are linked to my I-phone. I opened the text message, then deleted it. Within a few minutes I started getting phone calls from people I hadn't heard from in a while asking about a strange email I'd sent them. When I got back to my office I saw my gmail inbox and send box had exploded. An email was being sent to everyone in my contacts list. The email had no subject line, but did have my name as the sender. The email contained a link. The link wa...

Canadian Health & Care Mall / Crooks

Feb 12, 2011

Crooks! They will steal your email accounts and your banking information! Watchout! Do not order from these people! They stole more than $1500 from my credit card account! This the website: This is the other website: The FBI needs to investigate these people! Do not order any products! You will not get them, but they will get you!!!

Canadian Health & Care Mall / USING MY E MAIL

Jan 01, 2011

They were able to get into my contact list and are sending out their messages under my e mail to all my contacts. How can I stop this. Howard Specht

Canadian Health & Care Mall - Virginia, Tappahannock / failure to recieve product


i ordered a muscle relaxant Zanaflex tabs, paid for shipping for a total of 81.15, i have not recieved the product.this was in nov. 09. there is no phone service to contact them.

Canadian Health & Care Mall / Bogus pills


I forked out $159.00 bucks for Nexium Pills which is known as the Purple Pill and I did receive some pills, but they were yellow pills and not even close to what I ordered. I have tried to contact them and can't get a return call or answer to how to get a refund. Not only are they the wrong pills, they came from Mumbai, India, not Canada. This is a stupid mistake on my part, don't do the same.

Canadian Health & Care Mall - California, Los Angeles / using my email to promot viagra, ect


many web sites are using my email address to promot viagra ect. they are sending emails to all my friends, family, and work associates. It is very embarrasing everyone complaining about it.

Canadian Health & Care Mall / what the heck?


UM... i got an email from my aunt and all it had was a link the Canadian health and care mall. i know that my aunt didnt send this because she has hip problems and cant even sit at a computer desk. i have heard that they will email people on peoples contact lists. how the heck do they get into your email in the first place? and, does it have viruses on their websight.

Canadian Health & Care Mall / Scam Site


This site is a phishing site. The method of operation is to break into a personal email account and steal the address book entries. They then mail to all of your contacts. This makes it look like a trusted friend sent their link. By ordering from them, you give them your personal information and credit card info, which is of course exactly what they were phishing for. Another complainant also states that no merchandise was received after she ordered. The immediate remedy is to change your email password to something harder to crack. Also check in your email profile to make sure they...

Canadian Health & Care Mall - Ontario, Kingston / no delivery


Email was sent as a forward from a reputable contact. I searched the site, everything was available including questions and answers. I made a small order, never received it. After asking my friend that had sent me the site, she never sent it. Apparently someone hacked into her email, sent it to me using all her contacts and then they got my contacts and left me with 3 viruses. I'm out $253.05 plus the $165.00 to get my computer repaired and cleaned up. What are my options for recourse?

Canadian Health & Care Mall / Using my email address to send links to all my contacts


Hi My email address is being compromised ( My contacts have been receiving a fraudelent email from me giving a link for Canadian Health & Care Mall. I checked into it and found that is email fraud. Please shut this down - this is causing me a lot of problems. Thanking You Yours truly Bhavesh Shethia

Canadian Health & Care Mall / They hacked into my computer


On Jul 3, 2010, at 10:02; they hacked into my computer, sent an e-mail from my personal e-mail account (with a link to their website; pls see below) to all my contacts. The e-mail they sent was for some type of online Viagra drugs. I was super embraced & violated. I had to send an apology e-mail to all contacts and some of my contacts were very upset about this e-mail they received. (can If you have been a victim of the similar crime by this company please report them to IC3.Gov. We need to stop these creeps as internet family.

Canadian Health & Care Mall - Texas, Austin / Unsolicited exploitation of Yahoo mail


The above website address hacked into my Yahoo mail account and sent an unsolicited message to everyone on my e-mail list--mostly professional references. To say the least the little scam is embarassing, particularly when a potential employer is asking why I am soliciting them to purchase viagra on-line. This has occurred several times and I deleted another 30 messages from my drafts folder today. The above address is the suppossed pharmacy site, which does not provide a telephone number for contact without submitting personal information.

Canadian Health & Care Mall - South Carolina / Using my email address


The Canadian Health & Care Mall has gotten my email address and emailed everyone in my contact list with their online medical supplies. This was done without my knowing or consent. I'm sure this is illegal, but I'm not sure who to inform to make them stop. I had my mother-in-law call to ask why some company was emailing her about male enhancement by my email address. Please help me stop them from doing this to me and others.

Canadian Health & Care Mall / Email Fraud


Approximately 3 - 4 months ago, everyone in my Yahoo Email Contact list received a message from me with no subject line. The only text in the body of the message was a link to an online pharmacy that called itself the Canadian Health & Care Mall. I had no knowledge of the emails sent out until a few of my contacts inquired with me about it. It happened again a few weeks later. I've since cleared out my contact list to ensure friends and family do not continue to receive these messages. I've confirmed that someone affiliated with this "company" has compromised my Yahoo email account...