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Cal Spas Complaints & Reviews

Cal Spas / Repairs going on 2 months

May 6, 2011

Back in Febuary I called Cal Spas Pomona CA, for repair as my Spa was not heating. The had me call Pro Tech which I had used before but was not real happy with. After calling all the repair contractors on their web site Pro Tech is the only one that would come to my area. However it took me 2 calls before I got a return call and then they couldnt come out for a week and a half. Of course they wanted a $90 trip charge to come out. Once they came out they determined my spa needed a new pump. It took 2 weeks for them to get the pump and another week to make an appointment to come out. When I came...

Cal Spas / Has not honored their warranty


This procedure started back on March 10, 2010 with the pump going out on our spa. Called Cal Spa, determine spa was still under warranty. Gather all required paperwork and faxed to Cal Spas as they do not have any one to do their warranty work. That would not just send out pump so we had another dealer buy pump and install for us. The old pump was sent back to Cal Spas to be reimbursed for the pump and the labor. Waited several weeks and called they had received pump back but takes 6-8 weeks to have replacement back. Indicated just need to be reimbursed Elaine would have to check to see if...

Cal Spas / Bad customer service


After spending $10, 000 on a Cal Spa 2 years ago, I called to see about getting seal replaced on my pump. I was told that the dealership I bought my spa from had gone bankrupt and the company taking it over didn't really care about taking care of the past customers. Had I known each dealership was individually owned, I would have been more careful deciding which dealer to purchase from. This is the 3rd Hot Tub I have purchase in the last 15 years. I will never buy another Cal Spa. The customer service is not good enough.

Cal Spas / Dishonest


I have been waiting for 2 months for a heater replacement for my Cal Spa tub. The local dealer that i purchased it from seems unable to convince Cal Spa that this is an improtant issue. I have had to call the company numerous time and still no heater. In generalthe quality of the tub is poor at best. The local dealer had so much trouble with the product line that it drop it completely. I recommend that you never purchase a Cal Spa tub if you are in the market. Cap Spa is not a company that helps its' customers and seem to not give a darn.

Cal Spas / Worthless warranties


I Purchased a Cal Flame grill, made by Calspas, along with components from Caribbean Pools and Spas. The purchase was made solely as the result of Cal Flame's "Lifetime Component Warranty". This warranty covers the grill, among other things, against corrosion. After 6 months of use, the grill began to show signs of corrosion. I immediately contacted both Calspas and Caribbean Pools and Spas to address this issue. Calspas refused to even talk to me. Caribbean Pools and Spas gave me the run around for a year. So much for the written warranty. After 2 years, the grill was so corroded from the inside that it just fell apart. Cal Spa, you need to step up and honor your written warranties.

Cal Spas / Rotten service!


Cal Spas does not honor their Lifetime Warranty. I purchased my CalSpa 6 years ago at the Orange County Fair. The first few years there were no problems but in the last 12 months I have had to spend over $1, 000 on service. The most recent bill for $500 included over $300 to replace a pump that had LIfetime Warranty printed right on it. They replaced it with another that also said Lifetime Warranty. When I complained to the repairman, who was recommended to me from the Cal Spa store in Ahaheim, I was told they represented CalSpa and I should file a complaint with the company. I wrote a letter...

Cal Spas / Terrible experience


In less than a year our heater failed. They had the nerve to blame it on "water chemistry" and would not honor the warranty. Our water had good levels of everything, was clear, no issues, etc. These people called us every 2 days for a month trying to sell it to us, then left us in the cold (literally) when it broke. Oh... even if the heater was covered, we were going to have to pay at least $115 for a service visit from their authorized repair company in my area. I think these guys are scam artists and should be avoided... unless no warranty is OK with you.