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Open letter to c spire First and foremost, your customer service reps who assisted me were wonderful and did their job to the best of their ability, but you as a company are the opposite of what you claim to be. You are not for your customers, you are for yourself, and anyway that you can squeeze more money out of someone, you will take. What I am asking for does not seem like it should be so hard to do but apparently it is. The sad part is that this is not even the first time that you have failed to do something that you are perfectly capable of doing. I let the first one go as that one I...

C Spire - Mississippi, Clinton — installation of a pole

My business is an early childhood education center with 200 children enrolled. Yesterday, a white truck pulled off the road, over the curb and into my grass. My director went out to see what was going on. The vehicle did not have any identifying marks nor was the driver wearing a name badge or C Spire attire. He should have identified himself before coming on my property. He should not have driven over my grass.

Clinton Employees  · Aug 15, 2018

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I paid my cspire phone bill on january 24, 2018.. My phone and others has been serviced right since... I called and asked but you never get an answer.. Only more bs... But they want there money on time but can service their customers with the same respect... I think, cspire should give all their clients better services for the prices we pay monthly and credit toward our next bill...

Bad Business Partners  · Feb 08, 2018

C Spire - Mississippi, Hattiesburg — wireless service

I was out of town for the peach bowl. I was watching the game in atlanta when my parents decided to switch my cell service to c spire after being with at&t my entire adult life. I had no qualms about it at first, because I got an iphone 7 plus (128 gb) at little to no extra cost. it seemed like a good idea. they were running a promotion of "unlimited everything" for $65 a month and no money down. sounds amazing, right? I thought so, too. afterwards, problems arose that I didn't previously have at at&t though. unfortunately, the regional provider (c spire) has slower data speeds than my at&t...

Hattiesburg Mobile & Cell Phones  · Jan 27, 2017

C Spire - Alabama, Mobile — contract compliance violation

C Spire terminating phone service that is paid for. This is a violation of their contract. No problem with Cellular South for past 9 years. C Spire is not honoring existing contracts. BEWARE!! G Clover

C Spire - Mississippi — fees

C Spire charges $5 to activate a phone. First you have to buy the phone and then they charge you to activate the phone?!? Ridiculous! Also, to pay your phone bill on the kiosk inside the store, they charge $5 also. It's like your using a machine, no man power needed, and they charge you money to give them money!!

2 comments Mobile & Cell Phones  · Jan 04, 2012