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Bromalite Complaints & Reviews

Bromalite - Minnesota / Unauthorized charges

They advertise a "Free Sample". What is in the fine print is that this "Free Sample" will cost you $6.00 in shipping and handling (the initial charge) and another $69.95 after 14 days if you do not cancel your subscription. Oh yes, you are automatically subscribed to a renewal and your credit card is billed. The second charge of $69.95 will be refunded (so I am told) once they receive the un-opened bottle. However, the first $69.95 is gone. So, unless you carefully read the fine print of the offer this "Free Sample" will cost you $75.00. Definitely not worth it and I think a VERY deceptive way to offload a product which does NOTHING!

Bromalite - Florida, The Villages / Scam and false leading e-mail

From a e-mail I received I responded to a free sample of TOTAL CLEANSE BROMALITE AND ACAL BERRY NATURE'S BEST via the same e-mail. I am 70 years of age and feel stupid as after I OK'd free samples, I relealized that they added an order for Green Tea (Power Tea) to my bill. I called Bromalite within 10 minutes and requested that the Green tea be cancealed and removed from the invoice. They, Supervisor Cynthia Campbell said she will remove the order and the crediit card charge. Today, 2-11-09, I received via US mail the Green Tea and the crdit card charge of $34.95. So far only a run around from Bromalite. Please advise this senior, Thank You. William E. List

Bromalite - Connecticut, Milford / Scam!!!


Bromalite Scam! I ordered a "Free Sample" and got hit with a 69.95 charge to my credit card... I called the company (866-897-0663) and got my credit card refunded within 5 days. (was on hold for about 15 minutes) Here is the best way to handle the call to avoid them telling you that there is nothing they can do: 1. tell them the call is being recorded 2. tell them that you plan on contacting the Better Business Bureau and Attorney General's office if not issued a refund along with cancelling the memebship. 3. ask for a confirmation # and aslo an email confirmation. They will 1st try to...

Bromalite - Ontario, Timmins / Over Charged


To the people at Bromalite I had purchased an apparent "free trial" with this company along with 2 other samples to which I have been charged on my Visa numerous times. I will give the dates and amounts of these items..for a free trial and with a purchase of 2 other bottles they recomended by them. In my opinion the amounts I have been charged is an outrage and I demand an explination along with credits on my Visa account. Dates and amounts charged by Bromalite Nov9- 3 charges 1)4.86 2)42.97 3)6.77 Nov 30 1 charge of 66.93 Dec 1 1 charge of 76.52 Dec 15 1 charge of 66.22 Total Charge...

Bromalite - Utah / Cannot return Product


After reviewing the internet ( stupid me I should of looked up the product first!) I have found a lot of complaints with charging your charge card. So, I cancelled mine because what I found out is they will keep on charging you for the product and it is hard to get in touch with them. If you don't return the products as soon as you receive it they will charge you in full after 15 days. They gave you a months supply and the free trail is only for a 2 week period. So, I called and cancelled and also, am mailing back their product. If you receive an email from Fit Factory, (1-866-407-1022) call them up...

Bromalite / constant shipping and charging


I ordered the trial version of both the bromalite and acai diet pills and was fully aware of the shipping only charges. However within two weeks, more pills started arriving and my credit card was charged without my knowledge or consent. I tried the 800 numbers for both companies and received a taped message and no one answered. I then contacted my visa credit card with the charges and had to change my credit card number to deflect any further charges. Visa cannot block charges but they can dispute them but it takes 90 days and meanwhile I would continue to be charged. I live in Canada so the...

Bromalite - Alberta, Calgary / try to cancel ......but


I ordered a free trial of Bromalite. I did read the small print which said I needed to call this number to cancel any further mailings or billings. I did that and rec'd a cancellation number. I thought I was safe and no further charges would be taken. That wasn't the case they billed my credit card again for another shipment. I called to inform them and gave them my cancellation number . The woman said ...that isn't one of our cancellation numbers, who did you talk to ( don't know) should it matter? I am still waiting for a refund and it's been 2 NOT order from these people...

Bromalite / I was charged 69.99 to my card without my consent or knowing about it


I was charged for Dri Bromalite in the amount of $69.99 for which I did not give consent to. I cannot get in touch with the company as no one answers the phone number my bank provided me with.