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Broadway Darling Ragamuffins Complaints & Reviews

Broadway Darling Ragamuffins - Arizona, Phoenix / Kitten fip & guardia, avoid this breeder

Dec 11, 2016

We purchased two Ragamuffins kittens in June 2016 from Carol Ohlund, owner of Broadway Darling Ragamuffins. One kitten was born April 25 and the other was born May 17, 2016. They had different mothers but the same father. We live in Phoenix so were able to visit the kittens on several occasions prior to picking them up in late August 2016. Within a couple of days, we discovered the male kitten was having diarrhea. We thought it was the new environment or the food, although I gave them the same food Carol had told me she was giving them at her house. When I talked to Carol she made some...

Broadway Darling Ragamuffins - Arizona, Phoenix / Kitten with fip, refusal to compensate, terrible ethics

Nov 07, 2016

Carol Ohlund of Broadway Darling Ragamuffins sold my family two beautiful Ragamuffin kittens that were born in July 2016. She shipped them to us in the cargo of a United jet, which we now hate that they were shipped this way and not carried in the cabin via courier. Shortly after receiving them both, one started to exhibit strange signs and behaviors, weight loss, and other issues. Carol kept telling us nothing was wrong, and that we are just overthinking things. I came home one day to our kitten collapsing in front of me, and I rushed her to our vet. The vet did a great job assessing possible...