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British National Lottery Complaints & Reviews

British National Lottery / scam!

Apr 2, 2011

I've recieved the following email and I consider it to be a copmlete scam! British National Lottery Headquarters. 61-70 Southampton Row United Kingdom. Customer Service/Claims Department. Tel: +44-702-408-5699 Fax: +44-844-774-1504 Congratulation We, the Board and Management of British National lottery are pleased to inform you of the result of our annual Free lotto® e-base email lotto draw for 2011. The Free lotto® e-base lotto draw 2011 was conducted from an exclusive list of £1, 300.000.00 e-mail addresses of individuals and corporate bodies obtained from our top...

British National Lottery / winning the lottery


i just received an e-mail notifying me that i won a certain lottery contest thru the net. heres the letter that i received: This is to notify you that your email address has won £850, 000.00 in the British National Lottery Email Draw in which e-mail addresses are picked randomly by computerised balloting, powered by the Internet. This is to enhance the utilization of the internet. To claim your prize, please contact Claims Officer on the email with the claims requirement listed below; *************************************** Frank Arthur {Claims Officer} E-mail...

British National Lottery / winning


AFFILIATED OFFICE U.K, 82 VICTORIA STREET VICTORIA LONDON SW1 U.K (+44)-704-578-1994 Attn:Werner Christiansen Welcome to the Freelotto claims and verification department. I am Mr. Clark Walker. Freelotto Claim Security Agent here in the United Kingdom. The email you received is a winning notification of the recent lottery draws that was held in the United Kingdom. On release of the results your email address was selected as a winner of our superbucks stakes.Upon reciept of Your winning informations and Personal informations, You have now been cleared as the Winner of our...

British National Lottery / Winning check of 850, 000 great british pound


It is true or is a scam? Can you help me to know? I have received an email from British National Lottery( monday september 1, 2008 4:54 AM) P.O. BOX 1010 Liverpool L70 1NL Customer service / Claim Department Ref: 9420X2/68 Batch: 074/05/ZY369 from Robert CHARLES ( [email protected] He said: I am in receipt of youre email reply, and have forvarded youre winning check of 850, 000 GREAT BRITISH POUND to the transferring bank handling the transfer of your founds. It will be transferred to you on the appropiate date preferred by you.You are adviced to forward a copy of thi...

British National Lottery / online lottery of microsoft


Pls confirm if this is true, British National Lottery, 28 Tan Field Road, Croydon, London. Ref: UK/940X2/68 Dear Selected winner, This is to inform you that you have been selected for a cash Prize of £753, 437.00 in cash from the British National Lottery Online Draw held on the 2nd of August, 2008 in United Kingdom. We have been sending this notice to you but this is the last as we are about distributing winnings to winners. The draw was done electronically with several email addresses provided to this office by microsoft to enhance the utilization of the internet. Your email addre...

British National Lottery / Fraud Emails


I have received three similar emails which are as follows: 2017 Winner‏ From: British National Lottery ([email protected]) You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as unsafe Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2017 5:19:42 AM Reply-to: [email protected] To: [email protected] Contact Mr.Brown Jones ([email protected]) for the claim of £1, 200, 000.00 Pounds which you have won in BRITISH NATIONAL LOTTERY. Provide your Names, Address, Age, Occupation, Tel, Country. Sincerely, Mrs.Mary Lizen

British National Lottery / Fraud and scam


I don't know whether I have been scammed, so kindly let me know which I receive as below: This is to inform you that we have reviewed and accepted your completed fund release form, based on this your prize money shall be remitted to you accordingly. As you already know your email address was randomly selected along with others from over 125, 600 websites on the internet. Each email address was attached to a ticket number. A certificate of prize claims and some vital documents will be sent along side your winnings cheque. The documents to be sent are; 1.WINNING CERTIFICATE FROM BRITISH...

British National Lottery / email


let me know the fact about this NATIONAL LOTTERY HEADQUARTERS Ref: UK/9420X2/68 Batch: 074/05/ZY36 Attn: We are pleased to inform you of the final announcement today, 19th October,2007 for winners of the BRITISH NATIONAL LOTTERY ONLINE PROMO PROGRAMME, held on the 10th October,2007. Congratulations,you have just won yourself £956,420.00 in the satellite software email lottery conducted by BRITISH NATIONAL LOTTERY PROMOTION in which your e-mail addre...

British National Lottery / fraudulent email scam


received this email regarding being a winner of the british national lottery Congratulation Winner‏ From: [email protected] You may not know this sender. Mark as safe | Mark as unsafe Sent: Sat 10/20/07 3:58 AM Reply-to: [email protected] To: PROMOTIONS/ PRIZE AWARD DEPARTMENT. 60 Merriman Road Blackheath London SE3 8RZ England CUSTOMER SERVICE Ref. Number: BTL/491OXI/04 Batch Number: 12/25/0304 Ticket Number: 564 75600545-188 Serial Number: 5388/02 20/10/07 Attn: Winner, ONLINE NOTIFICATION OF WINNING BRITISH LOTTERY, officially bring...

British National Lottery / Scam mail!


UK National Lottery, P O Box 1010 Liverpool, L70 1NL UNITED KINGDOM WINNING PARAMETERS Ref: UKNL-L/200-26937 Batch: 2005MJL-01 Date: August 27th 2007. ATTENTION, IDENTIFICATION NUMBER:{CPEL/OWN/9876}. According to the notification you received. I am in receipt of your e-mail and I must say that you should count yourself extremely lucky to have emerged as one of our winners in this years lucky dip sweepstakes. As you already know your email address was randomly selected along with others from over 250,000 email addresses, associations, and corporate bodies that are listed on-line. Each...