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Bravado Media Complaints & Reviews

Bravado Media / They Hired people Who are looking for a Job. They never process their employment and do not pay them. They should be exposed

Feb 19, 2015

MY STORY: EXPLOAITATION OF MY INNOCENCE : BRAVADO MEDIA FRAUD I came to Dubai and joined a company called Bravado Media at JLT X 2 Tower offices no. 1510. This company is managed by DAISY LUCAS. When I joined that company, I felt I got the right job. Atmosphere was good and I worked very hard. They took my Passport and details on the first day to legalize my employment. But all this was fraud. After a week or so I came to know that everyone in this company was recently hired. I was curious and started analyzing the company. Everyone in the company was inquiring about Visa and everything but...

Bravado Media / They are Fraud

Feb 18, 2015

Bravado Meida is located in Cluster X of JLT, Dubai. I am a victim of their fraud and many of my colleagues faced the same thing. i went their for the interview and they gave me a task and said this is an evaluation task if you do this you will be Hired. Very next day i got the offer letter and asked to join. I told them you need to apply for my work permit before i start. They said they will enter to dmcc panel and will give me SR number. In next two to there days I came to know that most of the people in the company are new and they themselves are waiting to get legalized. Now all of these...