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Brandon Belmonte Complaints & Reviews

Brandon Belmonte / Wine and liquor

Apr 3, 2016

Brandon Belmonte and Marc Ravage are both scam artists. Empire wine & Liquor is the latest scheme they are up to. I know atleast 3 great families that were defrauded by them. Anyone looking to go to the fbi to put these guys in jail where they belong shoot me an email with your details. At [email protected]

Brandon Belmonte - New York, New York / Deadbeat / Scammer / Theif


Watch out for this piece of garbage. He is pretending to be some socialite from Torrington Connecticut, the closest thing that state has to a trailer park, that tells people about his huge fortunes, has them do a ton of work for him, and runs away leaving nothing but expenses and losses for those that meet him. He has a co-conspirator in his scam, Peter Belmonte - his father, no less. That's how he gets away with it. They pose as high rollers telling people that they are hard money lenders with ridiculous sums to lend and then hit the poor borrow for huge initiation fees, and never fund the...