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Watch out for this piece of garbage. He is pretending to be some socialite from Torrington Connecticut, the closest thing that state has to a trailer park, that tells people about his huge fortunes, has them do a ton of work for him, and runs away leaving nothing but expenses and losses for those that meet him.

He has a co-conspirator in his scam, Peter Belmonte - his father, no less. That's how he gets away with it.

They pose as high rollers telling people that they are hard money lenders with ridiculous sums to lend and then hit the poor borrow for huge initiation fees, and never fund the deal.

The kid is a convicted felon, check the court records. He has been convicted of assault, selling liquor to minors on 3 occasions and FELONY FRAUD to the tune of over $71, 000.00. That you can verify by searching the Torrington Citizen Register (their local paper).

The father has filed for bankruptcy protection on more than one occasion, has had his house forclosed on and has several judgments against him. Definitely not the behavior of a millionaire.

Please be careful if you think you're going into any business with this guy. He's bad news.

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  • Fa
    Fact Check Jun 14, 2009

    Brandon Belmonte criminal records straight from the court


    Brandon Belmonte in the Torrington Register Citizen


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  • Br
    brandonbelmontefraud Jan 25, 2020

    @Fact Check hi, could you please contact me with information on anyone who has been defrauded by brandon, who also goes by jake belmonte at [email protected], I am gathering as many people forward for the prosecutor, thank you!

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  • Fa
    Fact Check Jun 19, 2009

    A little info on Peter P Belmonte (Dad) from the court


    How can any father involve his kid in, or support his kid’s criminal behavior?

    More to come...

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  • Re
    REAL FACT CHECK Jun 29, 2010


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  • On
    Only the Truth Jul 19, 2010

    Brandon Belmonte is a bull [censor] artist. He is a liar, thief and worse of all a psychopath. He promises the world and does not deliver because he has nothing. Go ask his cousin Johnny. Go ask O&G Industries they'll tell you the truth. He tries to be a big man, act like his dad and him have money, claim they have 100's of millions, NOT TRUE, they owe millions. Claims his dad has an insider relationship with O&G, claims his dad really owns 45% of O&G... LIAR. Claims he owns a liquor store, but by law he can't... Why all the Lies Brandon?!? Why screw with people?!? As for you posting under REAL Fact Check, get a life [censor]. Anybody who wants to find out about you just has to look up the sites that were put on here.

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  • Jo
    johnny B22 Feb 24, 2011

    The funny thing is he supported a girl & her mother for 2years giving them 10's of 1, 000's of dollars, then pays for the girls college, put a roof on the mothers house,
    Paid for her car to get out of the impound. Paid for her college. & Trip to China
    All the while the girl was dating Pittsburgh Slim.
    What [censor]...
    He's not a bad person, he's a good kid that has a huge heart, got in trouble when he was young. Did you own a liquor store when you were 18?
    Did you have a Porsche 911 brand new?
    Did you have a 50, 000 Cadillac when you. were 20
    You drive your moms car
    He has a Range Rover
    Brandon is a good kid with a huge heart...

    Brandons cousin

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  • Fa
    Fact Check Mar 24, 2011

    Just because he plays "Sugar Daddy" to some little girl doesn't make him a good guy. In fact his need to buy her love might be one of the drivers motivating his fraudulent and highly illegal activity.

    Oh, regarding the cars - any idiot can rent a high end vehicle when they need to put on a show. I'm sure Brandon doesn't have the credit let alone the cash to either buy or lease any of those cars he claims to have had.

    Question: are one of Brandon's cousins that was recently released from prison? Yeah, you're a good reference. Idiot.

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  • On
    Only the Truth Mar 26, 2011

    Johnny B22... The same Johnny that Brandon wanted to have beat up... Asking his "friends" to do it for him. It's a wonder at how Brandon and his daddy can even look in the mirror. You rented all of your cars, we found the paperwork and then you claimed that your [censor] daddy owned that company and it was not true. How about we go ask your step brother or sister what they think of you or daddy. They ran away from the two of you because they know the truth. Brandon, let this alone... you don't want this to go on... Go live your life, put this down as a mistake and go forward.

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  • Bu
    business broker ny Apr 21, 2011

    He doesn't claim to own O & G, I was introduced to him & he didn't speak a word of it, even when I hinted the name O &G. Im not saying this kid is a saint, but I sold him a business & he came to the table with the necessary funds. So I have nothinbaf to say about him.

    Business Broker NY

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  • Ol
    oldenoughtwoknowbetter May 31, 2011

    Why do you keep using 25 Columbus Circle, 64B, New York, NY as his address? This is the address that was in Monday, May 30, 2011 in the The Torrington Register Citizen where he was arrested for assult for someone over age 60.

    He lives at 6 Doolittle Dr., Torrington, CT. 06790, with his parents, Peter and Judy, and Eldia Furlan, the owner of the house.

    Beware of the Belmonte clan, Peter, Judy and Brandon.

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  • An
    Annmarie Belmonte Jun 04, 2012

    Johnny22, Thanks for the offer for Brandon and my father to come talk to me but no thanks...Truth is we didn't run away from either of them. We have never met Brandon and don't ever really want to. As for my sperm donor (aka Peter Belmonte Sr) He was never allowed to have contact with us, my mother took us away from his BS long ago. The man had never paid child support. We are owed 10's of thousands of back child support and if i wanted to be an ###, I could have him put in jail. There is no limitation on child support. Anyone that thinks that my little brother and father are nice people are nuts, they are bad people. My little brother takes after my father, all the things that brandon does are all things that my father wrote the book on. Stealing from elderly family...Hell he even cashed my grandfather SSI checks long after he died. He owns nothing...He has nothing and he and my brother are nothing...Sad but true

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  • Co
    concerned citizen 22 Jun 05, 2012

    AnnMarie Belmonte-

    Johnny22 wasn't offering for my father and I to come and see you. You know nothing about me at all. Please do not write on here ever again as to me having nothing. I have instructed my attorney to write you a letter and send it to your house. Also my apartment cost $10, 000/month I run a very successful company. I do not need you writing about me or my father on here. Your relationship with our father has nothing to do withb me and to be quite honest I do not mention you ever in my life and do not care to. I own a company look it up, I will do whatever I can to keep your mouth shut as I do not appreciate you writing things on this site about me.
    Put him in jail, dont just speak aobut child support, because your being a baby wiritng on here and I'm ready and willing to file a lawsuit against you for writing on here when all you have is fabricated material. I made mistakes when I was young and I do not hide that, but please do not write on here again.
    It never says on here that my father and I wanted to talk to you and I would never speak to you, you are gross and going on here and writing about me, congrats you get a letter... google the lawyer that sends it too you... then tell me I dont have money.

    Good luck

    The real

    Brandon Belmopnte

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  • Wa
    WatchingYouToo Jul 27, 2012

    The Belmonte clan is BAD news. Scam artists. Beware.

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  • Ru
    rutroo Aug 01, 2012

    He is opening up a store in Kmart Plaza next to Planet Fitness. I thought he is not allowed to hold a liquor permit in the State of Ct. He also is not allowed to work or participate in the sale of alcoholic beverages for life as part of his plea bargain. I feel sorry for his financial backers.

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  • Co
    concerned citizen 22 Aug 03, 2012


    where does it say for life? Where you in court when I made mistakes as a kid?
    also we have hired a company to find out who is writing on here.
    sign your name as I did.

    and fyi I work for the company that is opening the store!!! There are no financial backers!!!

    call the states attorney in bantam if you feel that I'm doing something wrong!!!

    If you would like to discuss further I will give you my attorney's name and number or my number and you can call me directly.

    For life????

    Brandon Belmonte

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  • If
    ifthetruthhurts Aug 04, 2012

    Assistant State’s Attorney Dawn Gallo said "Mr. Belmonte is not allowed to be employed, own or be associated with a liquor establishment anywhere and must surrender his liquor permit, " Gallo said.
    Just an FYI

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  • Co
    concerned citizen 22 Aug 05, 2012

    Just an FYI

    That was during probation!!! :) thanks for your comment though, I think I know what was going on as I have an amazing attorney and everything you write on here can be traced by your IP address so we will know soon who all of you are.

    I sign my name everytime!!!

    Brandon Belmonte

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  • Br
    brookfieldohno Aug 23, 2012

    Do you have an active liquor permit or temp. permit. to be setting up a liquor store? There are 14 permits for use in the town of Torrington. At this point all are being utilized. I don't understand how another store can come in if there are no available permits. Usually when you apply for a permit a placket to make to community aware that you are applying is put out by the potential place of business for 30 days. I haven't seen one as of yet

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  • Ti
    Timmy the Albo Sep 04, 2012

    He is just a liar, ### ... He is not opening anything anywhere ...
    ( more to come ...)

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  • So
    Someone Ethical Sep 06, 2012

    Brandon Belmonte claims to have made millions of dollars selling liquor stors, yet can't support anything except with more lies. He is a con artist of the worst kind and continues to hide behind different lawyers he doesn't ever pay.

    He lies, cheats, and steals without concern. I have dozens, literally dozens of references you can call in the real world who will attest to his behavior. For the time being, look out for this kid and do not do business with him. Just ask for references and see the excuses you'll get in return.

    There's a lot more to come and the law will be involved.

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  • So
    Someone Ethical Oct 01, 2012

    Picture for reference.

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  • Th
    The salesmen Oct 15, 2012

    is currently running ads on craigslist for store managers. how he could keep up with all the lies i have no idea, thanks for the pic btw

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  • On
    Only the Truth Oct 16, 2012

    Brandon, Brandon, Brandon...seems like you did not follow my advice and quit while you were ahead. You have screwed with alot of good people and now is the time to pay. If anyone has need of more information on this piece of garbage, just let me know and I'll gladly give it to you. Have lots of paperwork that is all fraudulent... Can't wait til they put the final nail in your coffin... Daddy"s too

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  • Whose Brandon? Your dog?

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  • So
    Someone Ethical Dec 10, 2012

    My purpose in posting here is purely to forewarn honest and hardworking individuals not to fall victim to Brandon's stories, assurances, and justifications. If nothing else, I hope for other people to avoid wasting even a minute of their lives believing the same lies and deception. I simply didn't think it was possible for a human being to wake up every day knowing every word that came out of their mouth was a complete and utter lie.

    Here's another judgement from Capitol One bank against Brandon Belmonte in 2010.

    "Judgment enters for the plaintiff against the defendants Allied 52nd Street, LLC and Brandon D. Belmonte In the amount of $30, 030.84 plus 385.22 costs. Defendant Brandon D. Belmonte shall make weekly payments of $35.00 commencing 02/ 18 /2010. "

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  • Pa
    ParkingLotObserver Apr 08, 2013

    There ain't gonna be any store opening at K-Mart, don't you all see the same pattern starting? He is scamming again but people are catching on and getting suspicious. Funny thing is that 'Brandy' is not even aware of this point. Watching is worth it for the great sense of entertainment it provides!

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  • Ey
    EyEiNtHeSkY Aug 05, 2013

    It's the longest store opening ever!! ROTF That's because it isn't going to happen!!

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  • Ey
    EyEiNtHeSkY Aug 05, 2013

    Look at this link::

    Now he's trying to obtain funding from online sites that back new busnesses!! This kid is not to be trusted, he is a liar and unsavory to say the least. His reputation is a well known joke throughout the town and is far reaching to contractors and business associates.

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  • To
    Torrington citizen Aug 26, 2013

    The liquor store in Kmart plaza has taken so long because I believe it was a Chinese restaurant and place was a mess and he got shut down for a couple months because they made them get a new approval from the city. I looked in the window and I see that they have just poured an entire concrete floor.

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  • Ey
    EyEiNtHeSkY Aug 27, 2013

    Torrington Citizen, If you believe that one I got a piece of property in a swamp to sell you! He's been telling lie after lie and making more enimies in that plaza then you will ever know.

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  • Sm
    SmarterThanUthought Sep 02, 2013

    A friend of mine says hes involved with South End Two Guys Pizza in Torrington... any Torrington natives should keep an eye out for him down there because hes probably going to do the same thing he always does! And his threats are useless... my friend who worked there for years before his uncle died told me that Brandon called the FBI on him because he was worried about 'defamation of character'? That is some ###. He says hes rich and just wants to help people. It doesnt seem that way, because he has screwed my friend over, royally. All after his uncle died and his resturaunt had to close. I hope things work out for Two Guys Pizza, but GET HIM OUT OF THERE!

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  • So
    Someone Ethical Sep 12, 2013

    Here's a document Brandon would show to landlords, lawyers, and partners trying to prove his net worth. Ironically, it looks like a spreadsheet any 4th grader could download from Google then fill in the blanks. Which, after all, makes sense because Brandon barely knows how to use a computer. As an FYI for people reading this, he tries to negotiate leases in the name of a bogus corporation often claiming to pay the year up front for a deal. Stop wasting your time, he has no money or credit history. Would anyone worth several million dollars be living in filth on their parent's couch in Winsted, Connecticut? A house they claim to own but actually rent because several bankruptcies have left his father incapable of claiming a legitimate income. He drives a beat up Ford Taurus with a suspended license which is a far cry from the S63 AMG or Ferrari F430 he claims to have owned! Also, there has never, ever been an apartment in NYC much less a $20k/month rental at the Time Warner Center. Ask for references, his favorite thing to do is name drop, name drop, name drop. But actually try calling someone like Jacob the Jeweler and see what they say about Brandon Belmonte!

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  • Jo
    joyrmcintire Oct 03, 2013

    Understand, I stand behind my family and he obviously cares about his, but he has raped my family, he's putting my 77 year old Mother out. What at ###. I think he sucks dick or licks pussy ... what ever it takes!

    Darcy's sis Joy!

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  • Fa
    FallingStar Oct 29, 2013

    LOSER!!! Sick individual who is enabled by his parents to be a ###, nice job! He continuously beats hard working contractors out of money, shame on them for not getting the money up front, even AFTER they were warned. Bad luck to you in your newest planned business scandal, and here's hoping you don't ruin someones life because they fall for your line of ###!

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  • Mu
    munchkin69 Jan 10, 2014

    Can I buy invisible product with invisible money when I visit your invisible store in the K-mart plaza? Your the best, please continue to keep us entertained with your business follies. If possible, I would like to rent some space from you in that delusional mind of yours. Thanks for the laughs!!!

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  • Co
    CovertCitizen Jan 10, 2014

    Look at this that he posed on FB!!

    Brandon Belmonte
    October 9, 2013
    He wrote that last yr!! Still no store!! He is working at the pizza place on N. Main St. in Torrington acting and saying he is now a partner at that place. Be careful of this loser. Lie after lie after lie after lie. B.S. and more B.S. and more B.S. such a wanna-b!! He will reall you in and then lie to you over and over, he will take your mponey and use it to his advantage. he is no good and sooner or later time will run out for you Brandie Boy!!

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  • Tr
    tradesman24 May 08, 2014

    definitely ### burnt me out of pay for so called package store I'll find him!!!

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  • So
    Someone Ethical Jun 01, 2014

    As expected, Brandon was kicked out of his proposed "Empire Wine" location in the Kmart Plaza in Torrington, Connecticut. During the process he managed to not pay several contractors after they completed work. Every penny of financing Brandon receives goes directly into his pockets of the pockets of his father and co-conspirator, Peter Belmonte. For a recent reference, you could call the landlord of the proposed Torrington location at 954-647-5378.

    Judging from the unkempt lawn, his son Brandon is remaining as useless and lazy as ever, or the family is preparing for another move to avoid prosecution. There is not one ounce of good in these people, so beware of how "good-hearted" any of their propositions may seem.

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  • So
    Someone Ethical Nov 12, 2014

    (UPDATE: None, absolutely zero Empire Wine & Liquor stores have ever been opened despite Brandon's constant postings on social media of "Opening soon!!!" or "How much success I've had in my life". It's all a lie. The last honest dime Brandon made came from making sandwiches at Salerno's Deli in Torrington, CT at the tender age of 16. Any other money has come from lying, cheating, stealing, and snitching. Don't believe me? Ask to see his income tax returns. Oh, but he has a website, so it must be legit:

    Buyer beware of Empire Liquor Store locations. If you have seen these businesses listed on a broker site like BizBuySell or have been approached about a franchise opportunity, Brandon Belmonte will happily take your money and surely disappear without notice. His latest scam features "AMAZING!!" liquor stores in proposed locations around Connecticut. His tenth-grade education level really shines in what some might call, THE BEST SELLING POINTS OF ALL TIME!!! Note the future tense:

    -WILL DO $3M

    Here's the links before he takes them down:
    West Hartford, CT
    Fairfield, CT
    Waterbury, CT
    Hartford, CT
    Wallingford, CT

    Unfortunately Marc Ravage, an otherwise seemingly legitimate banker, has been listed as the "broker to contact" in these business offerings which will "accept any offer". Marc is reachable at 646-285-2137 according to the listing. For a reasonably intelligent individual, Marc should be able to see through this scam considering Brandon opened a Capital One account with Marc almost three years ago, and for the same amount of time, Brandon was unable to deposit a single penny into that account.

    Since Brandon is not only a compulsive liar, but suffers from severe anxiety having burned so many people in his life, I took a screenshot of the business listings. Brandon worries so much, he checks this page every night when he has trouble falling asleep from the sheer amount of guilt weighing on his conscious. If you are dealing with Brandon, run far in the opposite direction. I've also included a screenshot from his Facebook post on 11/12/14 showing a sign on his Empire Wine location, which was listed for sale 5 minutes later.

    I'm sure all his franchise documents have been legally reviewed, filed, and approved with the state (more sarcasm).

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  • I recently saw Peter Belmonte in Torrington. No sign on Brandon or the silver SUV I last knew they drove. Boy did it take a harsh bite on the tongue to keep myself from doing anything regrettable. Karma is still flying high :) Nighty night Brandon.

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  • Lo
    lovmybev Dec 31, 2014

    Brandon is now scamming an Indian couple from Cheshire, They purchased the Liquor permit (which was in his mother's name) as well as the lease (which was in someone else's name). Left the contractors high and dry. Charging them a consultation fee, when he hasn't a F'in clue how to open a store order properly. He can't even make his lies sound believable. These people are either blind, deaf or just dumb. You can't feel sorry for people when they enter into a business relationship with someone and don't do their research. The senerio goes like this, buy a permit for $2000.00 (under your mothers name), rent a space in a plaza (cheap plaza with a lot of vacancies), make it look nice by hiring some schmuck contractors to put a pergo floor down, a cooler, a register. Then you are into it for $10, 000(maybe). Sell it for $150, 000, then charge a $20, 000 consultation fee to help get the store up and running. He is ###!!! Not allowed to hold a liquor permit in the state of CT. He is a felon. He does not live in N.Y, he is a Torrington raggy. No high rise for him.. A rented shack he shares with his dad in the worst area of town.Please Brandon, give the population of CT a break and really move to NY. Everyone in the liquor business knows your a big funny looking joke. The just talk to you to get together and laugh about the stuff you say. No one takes you seriously. Your the joke of the industry. Just the mention of your name evokes laughter. When they are speaking to you they're laughing inside. Pack it up, looser boy!!

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