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Bellawood Complaints & Reviews

Bellawood - New York / response

May 25, 2011

Thank you, thank you, thank you all sooo much; for the complaints on Bellawood flooring and LL. I am now in the process of shopping around for good quality oak flooring to install myself (Handyman by trade). The complaints board is an awesome site and I saved it to my favorites! I feel so bad for all of you, I know how terrible it feels to have a poor product or job done to your home. Home improvements are supposed to enrich your home experience. If not done right by the manufacturer or installer, it can just be a horror. Thank you to the person that commented on Bruce flooring, I may just go for that. I am sorry for all your bad experiences, and thank you for posting the comments to inform all of us.

Bellawood - Georgia, Columbus / Shows all foot prints with a wax flim, too easy to scratch,and nicks in unwaled aeras,and is about to work me too death.


I purchased NINE HUNDRED square feet of the Cherry Brizalian wood from bellawood during the summer, it was installed in my hallway, living room, den, and dinning room.All these areas show a light waxy film all the time even when not walked on. I am constantly using a dust mop and the cleaning products they sold me tring to to remove the waxy film and have seen no results, my gult feeling tells me that there is something wrong with the wood.