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Bell ExpressVu Complaints & Reviews

Bell ExpressVu - Ontario / Billing/Packages


Ok so how does it make sense that if I have been a customer of bell for approx 15 years and i pay alot for my service with them. i have phone internet and tv with them. a new customer coming in can get there service for almost $80 cheaper a month. i dont get it. my cell phone is with rogers and i have been with them for approx 8 years now. i have called them and stated that i seen that there was a plan from telus that was cheaper and that i would switch if they couldnt get me the same features for the around the same price. without even thinking they did this. now that is good service. where is yours bell?

Bell ExpressVu - Ontario / unauthorized account change


In July of 08 My common law spouse transferred HIS T.V service(Bell Expressvu) to another address and had the phone dissconnected, We had the so called ONE BILL . He requested to have the satellite transferred to a different address and phone cancelled they talked him into keeping the phone and transferring that to his new addy. I called and requested that the internet and I stressed to the Person who could barely speak english (probably had no idea what i was saying) that only the internet was to remain in my name and remain at the existing addy. Later I then requested telephone service. which...

Bell ExpressVu - Ontario, sudbury ottawa / cancellation of services


I was living in sudbury on a work contract from september 2008 to march 2009. During this time I was recieving service from Bell Expressvu. My work contract ended and I cancelled the Expressvu service. I was aware that I would be charged a penatly for terminating the services early. I was told that I would be sent a "return kit" in the mail within 30 days of the termination date (april 11 2009). I have not received any such kit, the date being may 11 2009. I have spoken at great length on the telephone with various employees of Bell, all of whom have a different story about what has happened...

Bell ExpressVu - Ontario, Sudbury / Billing and poor service


2005 I had an account with Bell Expressvu. I bought a PVR from Futureshop, which I activated. Next month, I was charged the full cost of the PVR on my visa. It took months to have it reversed. I was told by Bell Expressvu that it was my responsibility to prove that I didn't buy it from them. 2007 Bell Expressvu convinced me to do the Nimiq 2 upgrade at no charge to me. The installer asked for a visa number for security. Next month $199 was billed to my visa. I was told that it would be returned via programming credits. 4 months later I cancelled my account. 1 year later I got the credit...

Bell ExpressVu - Ontario, Ottawa / Invalid charges and


I had been leasing a PVR from Bell ExpressVu each year, and somewhere around Sept 2007, the hard drive failed. After troubleshooting with support they agreed to replace the reciever, and send an empty box to return my old PVR. I recieved the new PVR, and returned the old PVR in the box ExpressVu sent me. After about a week or so, I got a second empty box to return a PVR, which I did not have. (I had the new one on lease until Nov). I ignored it, thinking it was their mistake. In December they had charged me $500 for the unreturned receiver. I called them on Dec 13th and they accepted their...

Bell ExpressVu - Ontario, Nobel / Porn


I am sick and tired of flipping thru stations in the evening or early hours of the night to find porn on the movie channel. Why do I have to pay for this crap when this porn should be on the Venus channel. I pay for movies not porn!!! What if I had young teens here and flipped thru to find a female giving head to a male, with all the moaning with it!! The damage is done in seconds. I really, really resent paying for this crap. Why is it allowed on the movie station??? XS - so what!!! When I contacted expressvu to inform of my feelings, the young lad laughed and offered the web site to...

Bell ExpressVu / Customer Service


Twice now we've had errors with our billing records, and both times the customer service representive we FINALLY were able to speak with offered a form of credit on our account to resolve the issue. The first time was to refund a double charge we received, the second was to offer us a credit of 3 free movies. Both times their finance department "rejected" the credit request. Both times no one bothered to contact us to advise us that the credits had been cancelled. Instead our next bills automatically included the charges. Try getting a response from anyone other than their front line of tech...

Bell ExpressVu / Cancellation experience


I moved into a condo that does not allow satellite dishes. I cancelled my Expressvu service in June 2008. I am still trying to get them to cancel it 6-months later. They are supposed to mail me a box to return my receiver. As of now, they have charged me $700 for the cost of the receiver and will not reverse it until they receive it back. That would be fine except that they have been trying to mail me a box for 6-months now. How can a compay be this incompetent? They seem to have no trouble mailing bills? It seems that if you owe them a little money, they are all over you and could track you...