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Bell Express Vu Complaints & Reviews

Bell Express Vu - British Columbia / PVR Rental Scam

In May of 2010 I noticed a large jump in my Bell Express Vu bill. When I checked it, it turns out they started to bill me for the rental of two PVR's. I called to see why, and they said they did an audit of all PVR's and determined that mine were rentals that I wasn't being billed for and that they were being generous to me by not back billing me for the previous two years. Yeah, that is nice I thought, but wait a minute...I bought those PVRs! "Well, you'll have to show proof of purchase." I was told. I couldn't locate the original receipt. Turns out they have it on...

Bell Express Vu - Saskatchewan, Moose Jaw / overbilling

We were supposed to move to Montreal but ended up not going. We put our service on hold which is $15 a month. We had a hard time getting our service reconnected here as they were supposed to send us a smart card and they sent it to Montreal instead of here and we kept calling and they kept assuring us it was on the way. We finally got service but the bill they sent us was astronomically high and they can't send us an itemized list of exactly what these charges are for. All they can say is they see the final amount and that is what we owe. Plus they have no records of all the times we've called and it's like starting from square one every time we call. I refuse to pay their amount!

Bell Express Vu - Ontario, Windsor / Unjustified Charges


In 2007 I ordered Bell Express Vu, was happy with the services but was getting too expensive so I cancelled the contract early 1 year into the contract I had asked if I can terminate. They agreed with the condition of paying $50 for each model 3100 receiver since they were in the 2 year contract deal. I've paid monthly extra for a HD unit so it wasn't part of the 2 year contract so that unit can be returned at any time. This is what I was told, having this knowledge they told me to pay $99 for the first receiver and $50 for each additional that being 3 units at total of $149. That...

Bell Express Vu / fraudulent billing

I cancelled my account with bell express vu services in aug 2004 when my home was sold. I arranged via canada post a forwarding address. Now more than 3 yrs later, I have a collection agency calling me that I owe from the bell express vu account over 200.00. I have never left any bills ever unpaid and i have not recieved any correspondence from bell express vu in three years. And now I am harrassed by some collection agency. I feel tbell vu must have fraudulent billing practices or very poor company communication when service is discontinuesd. What a rip off company.