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Belford University Complaints & Reviews

Belford University / Do not spend your money


I would advise against spending the money, to be honest. I don't know what your situation is, but you would come out cheaper if you just found a local community college and took the courses they offer. I know that some schools offer a diploma program in addition to the equivalency certificate testing. I would check around your area for that before spending a few hundred on something that might not be worth anymore than the paper it's printed on.

Belford University / A fake university who stole my money!


I contacted Belford University online to see if they could assist me to obtain a Lifetime Skil B.A.Degree. They convinced me that they could possibly help me to obtain a genuine one. I E-Mailed my Resume to them and received a reply congratulating me on my success of achieving a B.A. Degree in Psychology. To receive this document with 9 others, I must pay their fee requested within 6 days. This was paid and I was E-Mailed with a receipt no: from them. 3 days later they contacted me stating the DHL the courier service they they use could not identify my home Address. So after further...